List of Archived News

05/06/2024 Notice of Regulation Hearing
04/10/2024 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, CPA, and Insurer Examination Services
02/27/2024 ALDOI welcomes new consumer outreach coordinator
02/23/2024 NAIC scholarship awarded to Troy University student
02/08/2024 Will a homeowners policy cover damage from a pipe that bursts?
01/25/2024 Sen. Katie Britt highlights ALDOI's work to make Alabama more resilient
12/14/2023 What to know about healthcare sharing ministries, discount plans and risk-sharing plans
12/08/2023 State Fire Marshal Offers tips for safe Christmas season
10/30/2023 Notice of hearing
10/26/2023 Tips to protect yourself during Medicare/Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment
10/20/2023 Notice of Regulation Hearing
10/05/2023 2024 Affordable Care Act Final Rates
10/02/2023 The Alabama Department of Insurance launches the Office of Risk and Resilience
09/01/2023 Preneed Regulation to Transfer to Alabama Board of Funeral Services Effective October 1, 2023
09/01/2023 Alabama Resilience Council begins a new chapter for storm resilience efforts in our state
08/07/2023 Alabama to benefit from NAIC/IBHS agreement
07/24/2023 What you need to know about renters insurance
07/06/2023 Notice of Request for Proposals for Fire Debris and Trace Evidence (Materials) Forensic Testing Serv
06/15/2023 How to navigate the claims process after a storm
06/08/2023 Notice of Request for Proposals for PBM Examination ServicesNotice of Request for Proposals for PBM
06/01/2023 Hurricane season is here. Are you prepared?
05/30/2023 Notice of Regulation Hearing
05/08/2023 Governor Ivey establishes Alabama Resilience Council
05/02/2023 ALDOI celebrates IBHS milestone: 50K Fortified homes
04/13/2023 What the End of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Means for Your Health Insurance Coverage
03/01/2023 ALDOI welcomes new government relations manager
02/28/2023 Former Blount County Insurance Agent Arrested on Fraud Charges
02/17/2023 ALDOI welcomes new chief actuary
02/13/2023 ALDOI welcomes deputy commissioner Larry Chapman
02/02/2023 Protecting Good Program brings fortified roofs to historic Birmingham neighborhoods
01/18/2023 Gov. Kay Ivey appoints Mark Fowler Commissioner of Insurance
01/11/2023 Open Enrollment ends Jan. 15. Sign up for your healthcare plan today.
01/04/2023 How to navigate the claims process after a storm
11/09/2022 What to know about open enrollment
10/24/2022 Avoid Common Pitfalls During Medicare and Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment
10/21/2022 Bright Health exiting individual insurance market in Alabama
10/18/2022 Affordable Care Act Final Rates
09/28/2022 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/22/2022 Everyone needs an emergency supply kit. Here's what to pack in yours.
09/06/2022 Five myths about riding out a hurricane
07/25/2022 ACA rate changes for Alabama policies in the individual market
07/11/2022 What to know about surprise billing
07/05/2022 Mark Fowler named acting insurance commissioner
05/19/2022 IBHS presents Commissioner Jim Ridling with Lifetime Achievement Award
05/02/2022 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuary, CPA, and Insurer Examination Services
05/02/2022 Notice of Request for Proposals for Veterinarian Services for Canines located in Anniston, Alabama
04/21/2022 What you need to know when filing a homeowners claim
04/11/2022 Alabama Insurance Commissioner Appoints New Chief Examiner
04/06/2022 ALDOI receives NAIC accreditation
03/11/2022 When you spring forward, don't forget to change your smoke detector batteries
03/01/2022 ALDOI seeking applications for Chief Examiner position
01/26/2022 Protect your home from damaging winter weather
01/12/2022 New protections from surprise bills now in effect
11/19/2021 Former Insurance Superintendent Frank Ussery Passes Away
11/15/2021 Notice of Hearing
11/12/2021 Life Policy Locator helps families find missing insurance benefits
11/01/2021 Open Enrollment begins Nov. 1
10/26/2021 Alabama recognized as Domicile of the Year
10/15/2021 State Fire Marshal's Office names new Insurance Fraud Bureau Director
10/05/2021 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/28/2021 Understanding the difference between term and cash-value policies
09/17/2021 Jim Ridling celebrates 13 years as insurance commissioner
08/23/2021 Feds recommend Covid-19 booster for immunocompromised individuals
08/12/2021 What to do before and after a storm
07/23/2021 ACA rate changes for Alabama policies in the individual market
07/13/2021 What you should know about named-storm deductibles
06/15/2021 State Fire Marshal's Office launches new website
06/11/2021 Commissioner Approves Regulations
06/01/2021 Hurricane season is here. Make sure you have a plan.
05/24/2021 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, Examination and CPA Services
04/27/2021 Former Insurance Commissioner Mike Weaver Dies
04/15/2021 NAIC releases new home inventory app
04/13/2021 NAIC unveils new logo
03/25/2021 special enrollment period extended
03/24/2021 What to know about named storm deductibles
03/05/2021 How to avoid COVID-19 vaccine scams
02/15/2021 FAQs about the special enrollment period
02/10/2021 What is a health savings account? A guide to understanding your HSA
02/01/2021 Special enrollment period for coverage begins Feb. 15
01/22/2021 Protect your home from damaging winter weather
01/05/2021 How to use an insurance rider
12/28/2020 What to Look for in Your Summary of Benefits and Coverage
12/17/2020 Alabama Survey on Private Flood Market Prompts Legislation To Encourage Insurer Participation
12/07/2020 Understanding Health Insurance Referrals and Prior Authorizations
11/24/2020 As COVID-19 treatment progress is made, stay alert for fraud
11/07/2020 Notice of Rate Hearing
11/06/2020 ALDOI rolls out new website
11/03/2020 What you need to know for open enrollment
10/27/2020 Understanding your prescription benefits
10/20/2020 Consumer Alert: Affordable Care Act Premium Rates
10/16/2020 The Alabama Department of Insurance names Jimmy Gunn Deputy Commissioner
10/13/2020 After a storm, don't sign away your insurance benefits
10/08/2020 Understanding your health plan's deductible
10/06/2020 ALDOI recognizes Blue Cross Blue Shield for premium relief to customers
09/29/2020 Damage from Hurricane Sally? The Insurance Department is here to help
09/21/2020 What you need to know if you're a life insurance beneficiary
09/17/2020 Beware of unlicensed or unscrupulous contractors in the wake of Hurricane Sally
09/17/2020 A message to insurance producers and agents
09/01/2020 Tips if you're considering purchasing life insurance
08/24/2020 Health insurance claim denied? Here's how to appeal
08/21/2020 ACA Rate Changes for Alabama Policies in the Individual Market
08/12/2020 Buying a home? Protect your property with title insurance
07/30/2020 Director or company officer? Make sure your organization has the coverage it needs
07/27/2020 How credit-based insurance scores impact your premium
07/22/2020 Tips to avoid extra charges for a COVID-19 test
06/23/2020 Make a plan to reduce your flood risk
06/23/2020 Notice of Request for Proposals for Veterinarian Services for Canines located in Anniston, Alabama
06/19/2020 When choosing a healthcare plan, make sure you understand your options
06/15/2020 Is an annuity right for you?
06/04/2020 Endorsements can help with lost business income
06/02/2020 Hurricane season is here. Prepare your emergency kit now
05/20/2020 A guide to disability insurance
05/14/2020 ALDOI creates new division to enhance resiliency efforts in Alabama
05/07/2020 ALDOI requests insurers offer flexibility to deployed military members
05/05/2020 COVID-19 testing and treatment for the uninsured
05/01/2020 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, Examination and CPA Services
04/29/2020 Hunting for an event space? Before you say 'Yes' know your insurance options
04/27/2020 Frequently Asked Questions about Business Interruption Insurance
04/22/2020 Insurance considerations if you're going green
04/09/2020 Consumer Alert: Health insurance options after a job loss
04/08/2020 Tips to prevent injury while teleworking
04/08/2020 ALDOI issues guidance on temporary producer licensing requirements
04/02/2020 Gov. Ivey urges Alabama Small Business Owners to Apply for Federal Financial Relief
04/01/2020 Notice of Request for Proposals for Veterinarian Services for Canines located in Anniston, Alabama
03/30/2020 ALDOI recommends flexibility for insurance consumers amid COVID-19 outbreak
03/26/2020 Tips to help ensure you're not a victim of a COVID-19 scam
03/25/2020 Protect yourself from COVID-19 scams
03/24/2020 Health insurers outline Coronavirus coverage plans
03/18/2020 Alabama COVID-19 Hotline
03/18/2020 A notice to Alabama insurance consumers
03/17/2020 What you need to know about travel insurance
03/16/2020 ALDOI implements telework policy until April 30
03/13/2020 ALDOI issues COVID-19 guidance to health insurance carriers
03/03/2020 Ways to help protect yourself from coronavirus
02/24/2020 Does your insurance company track your driving? A look at user-based insurance
02/04/2020 Understanding your homeowners policy
01/15/2020 Renting your home? Protect your belongings with renters insurance
12/09/2019 Former State Fire Marshal Richard Montgomery dies at 79
11/19/2019 Notice of Preneed Hearing
11/14/2019 A guide to health savings accounts
10/24/2019 What you need to know about open enrollment
10/07/2019 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/23/2019 ALDOI establishes endorsement for fortified roofs
09/18/2019 Free financial seminars may not be a bargain
08/28/2019 Gov. Ivey declares September 1-7 Resiliency Week in Alabama
08/27/2019 What is an insurance endorsement?
08/05/2019 Tips to protect yourself from wire fraud
07/30/2019 Consumer information regarding UnitedHealthcare and the UAB Health System
07/29/2019 Not all heath plans are the same; Know what you're signing up for
07/17/2019 A guide to understanding air ambulance coverage
06/27/2019 Join ALDOI on social media
06/19/2019 Commissioner approves acquisition of WellCare of Alabama
06/18/2019 When preparing for emergencies, don't forget a care plan for your pets
05/31/2019 Know the difference between a flood watch, warning
05/23/2019 Anniston funeral home owner charged with 31 counts
05/17/2019 Notice of Regulation Hearing
05/16/2019 Questions to ask your agent about flood insurance
05/08/2019 What you need to know about disability insurance
05/02/2019 What's in your Go Bag?
05/01/2019 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, Examination and CPA Services
03/08/2019 When you spring forward, don't forget to change your smoke detector batteries
03/04/2019 How to navigate the insurance claims process after a storm
02/21/2019 How to choose an insurance agent
01/17/2019 As temperatures drop outside, heat your home safely inside
01/09/2019 Insurance checklist for 2019
12/31/2018 Be smart about flood preparedness
12/19/2018 A guide on insuring jewelry and pricey gifts
11/29/2018 Life Insurance Policy Tool recovers $4.4 million for Alabama consumers
11/28/2018 Tips to help you take control of your healthcare costs
11/08/2018 Rutting season can increase the possibility of a collision
10/24/2018 What you need to know for open enrollment season
10/11/2018 Do your homework before hiring a contractor
10/03/2018 Notice of Rate Hearing
10/01/2018 Keep identity thieves out of your home and business
09/14/2018 Jim Ridling celebrates 10 years as ALDOI commissioner
09/04/2018 Prepare now for tropical weather
08/28/2018 7 safe driving habits to adopt
08/16/2018 Consumer alert: Affordable Care Act premium rates
08/16/2018 Join ALDOI on social media
08/09/2018 A guide to understanding flood insurance
08/06/2018 What you need to know about long-term care insurance
07/25/2018 Andalusia woman charged with first-degree theft
07/19/2018 Update: EHB-Benchmark Plan Revisions
07/18/2018 Insurance Fraud Arrest and Conviction
07/17/2018 Keep your home and valuables safe while you travel
07/02/2018 Insurance and fireworks: What you need to know this Fourth of July
06/22/2018 Regulations Revised
06/12/2018 Be smart when considering an invitation to a free-meal seminar
06/08/2018 Consumer alert: Medicare card changes could trigger scams
05/25/2018 Get prepared for tropical weather this Memorial Day weekend
05/22/2018 7 insurance considerations for the new graduate
05/08/2018 As summer approaches, ALDOI encourages hurricane preparedness
05/03/2018 Insurance considerations for pools, hot tubs and backyard toys
05/01/2018 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, Examination and CPA Services
04/02/2018 Keep the Road Code: How to prevent distracted driving
03/26/2018 A guide to understanding dental insurance
03/23/2018 Access Insurance Company in liquidation
03/06/2018 Prepare for spring storms: What to do after a severe weather event
03/05/2018 Prepare for spring storms: What to do before a severe weather event
02/13/2018 Pet insurance can save your furry friend's life while saving you money
01/22/2018 Insurance considerations when you work from home
01/18/2018 Department of Insurance supports PACE funding project
01/08/2018 NAIC releases auto, homeowners insurance reports
12/18/2017 Alabama Department of Insurance names Jerry Workman Deputy Commissioner
12/12/2017 Avoid an insurance freeze this winter
12/08/2017 Notice of Request for Proposals for Professional Fundraising Services
12/04/2017 Deputy Commissioner wins prestigious Dineen Award
11/21/2017 Keep cooking safety in mind this Thanksgiving
11/15/2017 Insurance policy locator finds $852,000 for Alabamians in first year
11/14/2017 New chat helps consumers get quick answers to insurance questions
11/01/2017 When you fall back, don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke alarms
10/27/2017 State Fire Marshal encourages fire safety this Halloween
10/11/2017 Former volunteer firefighter sentenced in arson case
10/10/2017 Navigating your insurance after Hurricane Nate
10/06/2017 Jefferson County woman convicted in insurance fraud case
10/05/2017 Colbert County man charged with second-degree arson
10/05/2017 Alabama Department of Insurance encourages readiness ahead of Tropical Storm Nate
10/03/2017 Haleyville woman sentenced in 2014 death
09/25/2017 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/22/2017 Notice of Regulation Hearing
09/06/2017 Muscle Shoals Insurance Salesman Arrested for Alleged Insurance Fraud and Exploitation of the Elderl
05/05/2017 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, Examination and CPA Services
04/26/2017 Notice of Regulation Hearing
03/15/2017 Spring Break Reminders
09/27/2016 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/21/2016 New Captive Law Sponsors Are Honored by the Alabama Captive Association
09/15/2016 Congratulations to Commissioner Jim Ridling Upon His 8th Anniversary as Alabama’s Commissioner
07/29/2016 Department of Insurance Honors Retiring State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk
07/29/2016 Commissioner of Insurance Names Scott Pilgreen new State Fire Marshal
07/20/2016 ACIIR Releases The Alabama Coastal Insurance Shopper's Guide
06/23/2016 Lightening Safety
06/23/2016 ALDOI Deputy Commissioner Charles Angell Named 2016 Alabama State Employee of the Year
05/26/2016 Attorneys as Title Insurance Agents
05/17/2016 Recently Enacted Laws
05/13/2016 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, Examination and CPA Services
04/21/2016 Blackmon Cleared of Arson Connection
02/08/2016 Title Insurance Agent Exam Changes
02/01/2016 Governor Bentley Receives Report from the Coastal Insurance Working Group
12/07/2015 Fire Marshals Warn of Hoverboard Fires
12/02/2015 Alabama Department of Insurance Releases 2014 Data Required by the Property Insurance Clarity Act
09/23/2015 Certified Reinsurer Filing- Endurance Specialty Insurance LTD.
09/16/2015 Notice of Rate Hearing
06/23/2015 Sylacauga Man Arrested for Insurance Fraud
06/23/2015 St. Clair Woman Arrested for Insurance Fraud
05/20/2015 Certified Reinsurer Filing- Tokio Millennium Re AG
05/15/2015 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, Examination and CPA Services
03/31/2015 Host Fingerprint Sites Needed
02/13/2015 McClain Fire: Arson
02/09/2015 FEBRUARY
12/19/2014 Notice of Revisions to Examinations
11/13/2014 Notice of Acquisition Hearing
11/07/2014 Don’t Let Fire Ruin Your Thanksgiving Holiday
11/07/2014 Turkey Fryers Pose Serious Fire Dangers
09/29/2014 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/29/2014 Notice of Regulation Hearing
08/29/2014 Notice of Regulation Hearing
08/13/2014 Notice of Acquisition Hearing
07/18/2014 Notice of Request for Proposals for Digital Fingerprint Collection Services
07/10/2014 Certified Reinsurer Filing- Arch Reinsurance Ltd.
06/24/2014 Notice of Regulation Hearing
05/09/2014 Certified Reinsurer Filing
05/08/2014 Recently Enacted Laws
05/01/2014 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, Examination and CPA Services
09/30/2013 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/27/2013 Personal Property By-Peril Rating Regulation Adopted
08/21/2013 Notice of Regulation Hearing
07/03/2013 Notice of Acquisition Hearing
05/22/2013 Notice of Regulation Hearing
05/01/2013 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, Examination and CPA Services
03/18/2013 Problem noted with Title Agent Applications online
03/12/2013 New Title Insurance Agent Law
12/28/2012 Licensing of Title Insurance Agents
09/27/2012 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/10/2012 Notice of Regulation Hearing
06/22/2012 Recently Enacted Laws
05/18/2012 Notice of Request for Proposals for Professional Court Reporter Services
05/11/2012 Notice of Request for Proposals for Actuarial, Examination and CPA Services
03/01/2012 Notice of Request for Proposals for Lockbox Banking Services
02/08/2012 Deadly Autauga Fire Ruled Accidental
02/08/2012 Arrest Made in Chilton Arsons
12/22/2011 Notice of Form A Hearing
11/02/2011 April Storm Reports
10/28/2011 Recalls
10/12/2011 Notice of Rate Hearing
08/23/2011 When is an Architect required?
08/12/2011 Hamilton Arson Arrest
08/04/2011 NEW WEBSITE
05/31/2011 Notice of Requests for Proposals
05/10/2011 Tornadoes' insured losses likely to exceed Ivan
05/06/2011 Alabamians File Steady Stream of Storm Claims With Insurers
04/29/2011 Gov. Bentley, Comm. Ridling announce insurers' mobile claims centers
04/28/2011 ALDOI directs insurers to offer grace period
04/27/2011 ALDOI Prepares Reponse to Storms
11/15/2010 Notice of Request for Proposals
11/03/2010 Three Plead Guilty In '08 Chilton County Church Burglary/Arson
10/06/2010 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/23/2010 Notice of Regulation Hearing
07/22/2010 Notice of Regulation Hearing
05/03/2010 Request for Proposals
05/03/2010 Notice of Regulation Hearing
03/30/2010 Notice of Regulation Hearing
03/11/2010 Notice of Request for Proposals
01/04/2010 Notice of Regulation Hearing
11/13/2009 Fire Marshal's Office Makes Arson Arrest
11/09/2009 ALDOI Prepares for Hurricane Ida
10/29/2009 Notice of Regulation Hearing
10/22/2009 Tuscaloosa-Based Company Acquires Cemeteries
10/14/2009 ALDOI CPM II Grads
10/01/2009 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/30/2009 Ashford Arson
09/23/2009 DOI to Participate in Alabama I-Day 2009
09/18/2009 Arson Conspiracy Thwarted
09/18/2009 Monroe County Church Fire
08/31/2009 Arson Damage to Saint Claire DHR
08/31/2009 Church Arson Causes Minor Damage
08/27/2009 Scottsboro Man faces Multiple Charges
08/19/2009 Notice of Request for Proposals
08/15/2009 ALDOI Advises Coastal Residents to Check Coverages
06/24/2009 Notice of Regulation Hearing
05/01/2009 Notice of Requests for Proposals
04/29/2009 Notice of Regulation Hearing
02/26/2009 Notice of Regulation Hearing
02/14/2009 Fire Destroys Two Chambers County Churches
01/05/2009 Notice of Regulation Hearing
11/19/2008 Notice of Request for Proposals
10/17/2008 Notice of Rate Hearing
09/29/2008 Russellville Woman Charged with Capital Murder
09/22/2008 Notice of Regulation Hearing
09/16/2008 ALDOI: AIG companies have ability to pay claims
08/20/2008 Notice of Request for Proposals
08/14/2008 ALDOI's Ford Elected to Lead Society of Financial Examiners
08/08/2008 Commissioner Walter A. Bell To Resign at End of August
08/07/2008 Notice of Request for Proposals
06/30/2008 Notice of Regulation Hearing
06/05/2008 Notice of Homeowners Rate Hearing
05/01/2008 Notice of Requests for Proposals
04/21/2008 Earthquakes Not Covered in Standard Homeowners' Policy
04/16/2008 State Agencies Create Alabama Annuities Task Force
04/02/2008 Notice of Regulation Hearing
03/03/2008 Notice of Homeowners Rate Hearing
02/29/2008 ALDOI orders insurers to halt non-renewals based on single policies
02/18/2008 ALDOI To Send Response Team to Prattville
02/01/2008 Notice of Regulation Hearing
01/29/2008 Florence Warehouse Fire Deemed Arson
12/31/2007 Lee County Man Arrested on First-Degree Arson Charges
12/13/2007 Notice of Regulation Hearing
11/08/2007 Second Suspect Arrested in Bibb County Fire Death
11/05/2007 Notice of Insurance Regulation Hearing
11/05/2007 Bibb County Woman Charged with Capital Murder, Arson
10/31/2007 Notice of Insurance Regulation Hearing
10/16/2007 Notice of Preneed Regulation Hearing
10/04/2007 Notice of Workers Compensation Rate Hearing
08/06/2007 Fairfield School Fire Ruled Arson
07/23/2007 Notice of Regulation Hearing
06/29/2007 Notice of Request for Proposals
05/02/2007 Notice of Requests for Proposals
02/22/2007 Notice of Regulation Hearing
02/21/2007 Notice of Amended Fire Marshal Regulations Hearing
02/14/2007 State Farm to Retain Coverage of Some Coastal Residents
02/09/2007 Amended Notice of Homeowners Rate Hearing (American National Property & Casualty Co.)
02/09/2007 Amended Notice of Homeowners Rate Hearing (Fire Insurance Exchange and Mid-Century Ins. Co.)
01/30/2007 ALDOI Licenses First Captive Insurer Under New Law
01/22/2007 Notice of Amended Regulation Hearing
01/09/2007 Notice of Homeowners Rate Hearing
01/09/2007 Notice of Homeowners and Rental Owners Rate Hearing
12/20/2006 ALDOI to Conduct Hearing on Allstate Proposed Rate Increase
12/09/2006 State Fire Marshal Strongly Urges Against Using Stoves, Ovens for Home Heat
12/06/2006 Notice of Homeowners Rate Hearing
11/28/2006 Notice of Workers Compensation Rate Hearing
11/27/2006 Notice of Regulation Hearing
11/21/2006 State Fire Marshal Says Marshall County Church Fire Intentionally Set
11/20/2006 Incoming Mail Services Resumes at ALDOI
11/17/2006 Notice of Cancellation of Preneed Regulation Hearing
11/16/2006 Tornado Disrupts ALDOI Incoming Mail Service
10/23/2006 Notice of Regulation Hearing
10/17/2006 ALDOI Mediation Program Enjoys 90 Percent Success Rate
10/03/2006 Pair Held on Capital Murder Charge in Marengo County
09/21/2006 Notice of Regulation Hearing
08/29/2006 Notice of Requests for Proposals
08/17/2006 Lightning Strikes Second Church in as Many Days
08/02/2006 17-Year-Old Charged in Lowndes County Fire, Burglary
06/29/2006 Illegal Fireworks Spotted in State
06/22/2006 Notice of Requests for Proposals
06/16/2006 Notice of Requests for Proposals
06/12/2006 Special Notice to Consumers with Pre-Need Contracts from Funeral Homes, Cemeteries in Receivership
05/31/2006 Notice of Requests for Proposals
05/24/2006 Notice of Regulation Hearing
05/19/2006 Two Children Die in Randolph County Fire
05/18/2006 Two Jackson County Residents Perish in Mobile Home Fire
05/15/2006 4:30 p.m. UPDATE -- ALDOI Operations To Be at Full Capacity on Tuesday
05/12/2006 Lowndes County Senior Center Destroyed by Fire
05/12/2006 Fire Damages Storage Building at Speake High School
05/11/2006 Fire Destroys Walker County Church; Cause Unknown
05/05/2006 Fire Claims Life of Town Creek Man
04/04/2006 Church Burns in Talladega County; Ruled Arson
03/29/2006 Notice of Regulation Hearing
03/27/2006 Ed Paulk To Become State Fire Marshal
03/15/2006 Notice of Request for Proposals
03/08/2006 11:45 AM -- March 8, 2006 -- Task Force News Conference
03/02/2006 Booker T. Washington Insurance Voluntarily Submits to Receivership
02/22/2006 Two Firefighters Die Fighting Blaze in Moulton
02/22/2006 Tuscaloosa Warehouse Fire Deemed to be Accidental
02/21/2006 Two Juveniles Arrested in Connection with Etowah County Fire
02/15/2006 Five Stores Destroyed in Orange Beach Strip Mall Fire
02/12/2006 Tenth Alabama Church Burns; Fire Marshal Calls It Arson
02/07/2006 8:00 PM UPDATE -- Four West Alabama Churches Burn; Two Determined to be Arson
02/03/2006 Fire Marshal Determines Three Bibb Church Fires to be Intentionally Set
01/09/2006 2006 Legislative Agenda
12/06/2005 NAIC Chooses Commissioner Bell as President-Elect
11/30/2005 Notice of Workers Compensation Rate Hearing
11/15/2005 Former Commissioner Mickey DeBellis Passes Away
11/10/2005 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
11/01/2005 Notice of Workers Comp Rate Hearing
10/24/2005 Notice of Regulation Hearing
10/17/2005 ALDOI Places 15 Cemeteries, Funeral Homes Into Receivership
09/30/2005 Insurance Disaster Reporting System
09/29/2005 2005 Annual Report Available on ALDOI Web Site
09/09/2005 Construction Groups Should Contact FEMA/State Joint Field Office
09/09/2005 Commissioner Bell Issues Bulletins Aimed at Protecting Consumers
09/06/2005 Commissioner Bell to Lead Alabama Delegation
09/02/2005 ALDOI To Offer Grace Period to Insurance Producers
09/02/2005 Louisiana, Mississippi Evacuees Can Contact ALDOI For Insurance Questions
08/31/2005 Some Insurers Suspend Billings, Offer Grace Periods
08/30/2005 ALDOI Springs into Action Following Katrina
08/19/2005 Notice Resetting Rate Hearing
08/03/2005 Notice of Rate Hearing
07/10/2005 ALDOI To Open Monday, July 11 at 1 p.m.
06/10/2005 Market Referral List Available on June 13
06/09/2005 Tips for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Season
05/23/2005 Notice of Regulation Hearing
03/30/2005 Reyn Norman Named General Counsel
03/30/2005 Notice of Rate Hearing
03/04/2005 Selma 2-Year Old Perishes in Fire
02/15/2005 Cancellation of Homeowners Rate Hearing
02/11/2005 2005 ALDOI Legislative Agenda
01/18/2005 One Dead, One Injured in Selma Fire
01/18/2005 Notice of Rate Hearing
12/20/2004 Gordo Woman Perishes in Fire
12/09/2004 Prichard Fire Death Ruled Arson, Homicide
12/06/2004 Parsons Wins Prestigious NAIC Dineen Award
11/24/2004 Fire Claims Life of Lowndes County Woman
11/12/2004 Notice of Workers Compensation Rate Hearing
11/01/2004 Fire at Fuller's Home Determined to be Accidental
10/29/2004 Fuller Suffers Non-Life Threatening Injuries in Jump from Burning Home
10/25/2004 Notice of Regulation Hearing
10/21/2004 ALDOI To Interview Brokers, Companies Involved in NY Probe
09/14/2004 Important Information Regarding Hurricane Coverage
09/02/2004 ALDOI Steps Up Response Plans in Advance of Hurricane Frances
08/24/2004 Preneed Regulation Adopted
08/20/2004 Fire Damages Classroom at Troy School
08/05/2004 Fayette County Man Dies in Mobile Home Fire
06/30/2004 Moulton Senior Citizen Becomes State's 40th Fire Fatality in 2004
06/25/2004 DeKalb County Fire Department Destroyed in Fire
06/23/2004 Unattended Candle Source of Millbrook Church Fire
06/22/2004 Notice of Regulation Hearing
06/18/2004 Fire Claims Lives of Millbrook Woman, Daughter
06/02/2004 Shelby County Man Arrested on Arson Charge
05/28/2004 Employers Mutual Plans Placed into Receivership in Nevada
04/29/2004 Cancellation of Auto Rate Hearing
04/27/2004 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
04/19/2004 Alexander City Woman Charged With Arson
04/13/2004 Fire at Kilby Prison Damages Administrative Building
04/08/2004 Notice of Rate Hearing
04/08/2004 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
03/24/2004 Fire Marshal Releases Tuskegee Fire Report
03/23/2004 Notice of Regulation Hearing
03/12/2004 Small Fire Breaks Out in Closet at Jackson High School
03/12/2004 Three Boaz Firefighers Injured in Shopping Center Fire
03/09/2004 Walker County Explosion, Fire Kill One, Injure Another
03/09/2004 Coosa County Woman Dies in Blaze
03/08/2004 Fire Claims Lives of Three in Tarrant
03/08/2004 Two Businesses State Employment Office Damaged in Fire
03/05/2004 Notice of Homeowners Rate Hearing
03/05/2004 Alabama Department of Insurance Launches New Web Site that is Easier for Consumers to Use
03/04/2004 Town Creek Funeral Home Goes Into Receivership
03/03/2004 Seale Woman Dies in Afternoon Fire
03/01/2004 Greenville Manufacturing Plant Suffers Moderate Damage
02/25/2004 Toddler Dies in Blount County Fire
02/25/2004 Hamilton Resident Dies in Mobile Home Fire
02/25/2004 Improper Use of Extension Cords Cause of McKenzie Fire
02/23/2004 McKenzie Fire Claims Three Buildings
02/12/2004 Tuskegee Fire Remains Under Investigation
02/09/2004 St. Clair County Man Dies Leaf-Burning Accident
01/29/2004 Walker County Man Dies in Mobile Home Fire
01/28/2004 Autauga Fire Appears to be Arson
01/28/2004 Cullman County Man Dies in Fire
01/28/2004 Four Family Members Die in Lawrence County Fire
01/28/2004 Washington County Fire Claims Two
01/16/2004 Surrender of Preneed Certificate of Authority
01/12/2004 Small Fire Breaks Out at Chilton County Jail
01/08/2004 Lillian Community Center Destroyed by Fire
01/08/2004 Bay Minette Man Dies in Fire
12/30/2003 Montgomery Named Acting State Fire Marshal
12/29/2003 Victim Died of Smoke Inhalation
12/29/2003 Veteran State Fire Marshal John Robison To Retire
12/27/2003 First Fire Death Since 1985
12/22/2003 Three Die in Mobile Home Fire
12/22/2003 Marengo County Fire Deaths – Accidental
12/21/2003 Two Buildings and Forklift Damaged by Explosion
12/20/2003 Hunting Camp Fire Claims One Life
12/17/2003 Lee County Resident Dies in Fire
12/11/2003 Father and Son Killed in Fire
12/07/2003 Home Fire Kills One
11/26/2003 Required Filings for Insurers
11/21/2003 Commissioner Orders Fultondale Company To Cease Operations
11/19/2003 One Death in Residential Fire
11/14/2003 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
11/10/2003 Notice Resetting Workers Compensation Rate Hearing
11/10/2003 Catfish House Fire - Accidental
11/06/2003 Phenix City Resident Dies from Injuries
11/02/2003 Two Churches Burglarized and Set on Fire
11/02/2003 Double Homicide and Arson in Wilcox County
11/01/2003 Cotton Gin Fire Accidental
11/01/2003 Tuscumbia Resident Dies in Fire
10/31/2003 Fire at First Baptist Church – Accidental
10/30/2003 First Baptist Church Damaged by Fire
10/28/2003 Two Die in Fire
10/28/2003 Alabama Joins Online Non-Resident Licensing Program
10/19/2003 Oxford Fire Injures Five
10/18/2003 Fire at Northside Middle School
10/02/2003 Alabama Fire Departments Recognized
10/02/2003 Headland Resident Convicted of Arson and Conspiracy
09/28/2003 One Jasper Resident Dies in Fire
09/26/2003 State Fire Marshals Office Offers Seminar on Codes
09/26/2003 Three Die in Shelby County Fire
09/25/2003 First Baptist Church Destroyed by Fire
09/22/2003 Notice of Regulation Hearing
09/19/2003 Russellville Woman Charged
09/16/2003 Task Force's Work Leads to New Insurance Product
09/16/2003 Five Charged with Setting Fires
09/12/2003 Arson Suspect Held Pending Charges
09/11/2003 Notice of Continuation of State Fire Marshal Regulation Hearing
09/08/2003 Two Die in Fire
09/04/2003 Old Rocky Head Baptist Church Burns
09/04/2003 City of Ozark Building Burned
09/04/2003 Four Arrested for Ozark Fire
09/02/2003 Two Arrested Following Chambers County Fire
08/31/2003 Victory Worship Center Damaged by Fire
08/29/2003 First Baptist Church Building Destroyed by Fire
08/22/2003 Notice of Regulation Hearing
08/14/2003 Smiths Station Resident Dies in Fire
08/07/2003 Two Charged with Capital Murder
07/31/2003 ALDOI Asks Homeowners to Check out Hurricane Coverage
07/31/2003 Notice of Regulation Hearing
07/29/2003 Notice of Fire Marshal Regulation Hearing
07/29/2003 Three Residents Killed in Apartment House Fire
07/24/2003 ALDOI Adds Five New Test Sites
07/22/2003 Two Men Injured Burning Trash
07/22/2003 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
07/21/2003 Former Commissioner Bookout Passes Away
07/18/2003 Fire Chief Injured During Explosion
07/14/2003 Cancellation of Auto Rate Hearings
07/10/2003 Subject Charged with Fireworks Violation
07/10/2003 Andalusia Resident Faces Multiple Charges
07/09/2003 Vina Resident Charged with Arson
07/08/2003 Youth Recovering from Burns by Fireworks
07/08/2003 More Charges in Church Burglaries and Fires
07/08/2003 Montgomery Fourth of July Fireworks Investigation Completed
07/07/2003 Juvenile Charged Following Fire
07/07/2003 Additional Charges in Church Burglary/Arsons
07/07/2003 Lauderdale Named IT Division Chief
07/06/2003 Arrests Made in Church Burglaries and Fires
07/02/2003 Pyrotechnic Companies Help Send the Message
07/01/2003 Explosion at Magnolia One Apartments Accidental
06/30/2003 Arrest Made in Scottsboro Fire
06/25/2003 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
06/17/2003 ALDOI Launches Online Renewal Program
06/12/2003 Senate passes pyrotechnic regulation bill
06/12/2003 Bretling Elementary School Damaged by Fire
06/11/2003 Victim Dies from Burns
06/04/2003 Camp Chula Vista Campers Injured
06/04/2003 Wilsonville Resident Dies in Fire
06/02/2003 Attic Fire Destroys Second Baptist Church
06/01/2003 Grace Community Church Damaged by Fire
05/27/2003 One Resident Charged with Arson
05/21/2003 Notice of Rate Hearings
05/16/2003 Man Dies Following Explosion
05/16/2003 Etowah County School Fire Accidental
05/14/2003 One Adult Injured in Explosion
05/14/2003 Winston County Resident Dies in Fire
05/12/2003 Greenville Fire Claims Two Lives
05/12/2003 Greenville Fire Accidental
05/09/2003 Notice of Regulation Hearing
05/01/2003 Escambia County Resident Dies in Fire
04/30/2003 Commissioner Bell orders Oregon company out of Alabama
04/30/2003 ALDOI General Counsel Honored by IRES
04/30/2003 Church Fire Being Investigated
04/30/2003 46 Hospitals' Liability Coverage in Jeopardy
04/29/2003 Adult Dies from Injuries
04/28/2003 Child Dies in Fire
04/28/2003 Two Injured in Mobile Home Fire
04/28/2003 Man Charged Following Fire
04/25/2003 ALDOI's Abreo obtains accreditation
04/25/2003 ALDOI's Office in Cyberspace Has New Address
04/22/2003 Florala Resident Charged Following Fire
04/21/2003 Two Arrested for Criminal Conspiracy
04/21/2003 Mobile Home Burns in Jackson County
04/19/2003 Southside Resident Dies in Fire
04/11/2003 Subject Arrested in Florence Arson Investigation
04/04/2003 Notice of Regulation Hearing
04/04/2003 Notice of Regulation Hearing
04/03/2003 Fultondale Fire Accidental
04/02/2003 Two Adults Killed; One Child Injured in Fire
03/26/2003 Urgent News Regarding Preneed Application Renewals
03/25/2003 Warning to Physicians, Health Care Facilities
03/17/2003 Insurance Fraud Bill
03/15/2003 Bennett Lumber Company Fire was Arson
03/06/2003 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
03/05/2003 Notice Resetting Auto Rate Hearing
03/03/2003 Alabama Insurance Department to Conduct Town Hall Meeting in Shoals Area
02/28/2003 Notice of Regulation Hearing
02/26/2003 Mt. Olive Resident Charged with Arson
02/24/2003 Alabama Department of Insurance IT Division Chief A.J. Beltran
02/23/2003 One Adult Dies in Fire
02/23/2003 Brewton Fire and Death Under Investigation
02/21/2003 Bamboo-Stick Sparklers Recalled
02/17/2003 Ashland Resident Charged with Arson and Assault
02/14/2003 Ranburne Man Arrested for Murder and Arson
02/13/2003 Alabama Insurance Department Warns Alabama Physicians & Medical Personnel
02/13/2003 Cause of Valley Fire – Accidental
02/11/2003 Three Die in Randolph County Fire
02/10/2003 Fire Death in Baldwin County
02/10/2003 One Person Dies in Dallas County Fire
02/08/2003 Chambers County Child Killed in Fire
02/08/2003 Four Year Old Killed in Fire
02/08/2003 Fire Claims Unidentified Victim
02/04/2003 Fire Takes One Life
01/30/2003 Firefighter Arrested for Arson
01/29/2003 One Killed; Another Injured in Fire
01/22/2003 Fire Caused by Child Playing with Cigarette Lighter
01/20/2003 Fatal Fire in Lowndes County
01/18/2003 One Child Killed; Two injured in Fire
01/17/2003 One Person Killed in Dallas County Fire
01/17/2003 Franklin County Fire Death
01/17/2003 Blount County Fire and Death under Investigation
01/16/2003 Delta Teenager Dies in Fire
01/13/2003 Arrest in Trinity Baptist Church Fire
01/13/2003 Riverside Victim Dies in Fire
01/13/2003 Fatal Fire at Lincoln
01/12/2003 Fire Related Death in Union Springs
01/11/2003 Two Killed in early Morning Fire
01/11/2003 Bragg Hill AME Zion Church Fire under Investigation
01/11/2003 Bragg Hill AME Zion Church Fire Accidental
01/11/2003 Selma Fire Claims Third Victim
01/11/2003 One Child Dies in Fire
01/09/2003 Monroeville Mobile Home Fire Injures Three
01/06/2003 Selma Fire Claims Two Lives
12/30/2002 Two Deaths, One Injury in Shelby County Fire
12/30/2002 NAIC Adopts Resolution as Flood Insurance Program Sunsets
12/30/2002 Union Springs Residents Dies in Fire
12/23/2002 Eufaula Resident Succumbs to Injuries
12/18/2002 Conseco Bankruptcy Filing
12/18/2002 Commissioner Issues Bulletin
12/17/2002 Three Dallas County Residents Die in Fire
12/13/2002 Notice of Workers Comp Hearing
12/11/2002 Child Dies in Fire
12/11/2002 Two Subjects Arrested Following Burglary and Fire
12/10/2002 Lowndes County Resident Dies in Fire
12/06/2002 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
12/04/2002 Notice of Regulation Hearing
11/25/2002 3 Killed; 20 Escape Hunting Club Fire
11/25/2002 Two Fire Deaths in Oxford Apartment Building
11/21/2002 Presidential Declaration - State of Alabama
11/04/2002 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
10/31/2002 Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Fire – Accidental
10/21/2002 Notice of Regulation Hearing
10/17/2002 The Alabama Title Insurance Act of 2001
10/17/2002 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
10/09/2002 State Insurance Department to Visit Ashland
10/08/2002 Sandridge Baptist Church Destroyed by Fire
10/01/2002 Appointment Continuation for 2003
09/24/2002 Insurance Department Names First Insurance Panel
09/19/2002 Alabama's Preneed Funeral & Cemetery Act
09/18/2002 Juvenile Petitions Requested
09/17/2002 Gurney Manufacturing Fire Investigation Continues
09/16/2002 Bridgeport Resident Dies in Fire
09/16/2002 Three Arrested in Lineville
09/07/2002 Fire at Selma City School
09/04/2002 Insurance Department Names First Consumer Panel
08/31/2002 Prattville High School Damaged By Fire
08/21/2002 One Adult and Two Juveniles Charged
08/21/2002 Millbrook Woman Stabbed – Set on Fire
08/19/2002 Fire Death in Pell City
08/19/2002 Notice of Regulation Hearing
08/15/2002 Baldwin County Resident Victim of Fire
08/15/2002 Recycling Warehouse Fire Accidental
08/12/2002 Cancellation of Auto Rate Hearing
08/02/2002 Consumer Alert
08/02/2002 State Insurance Department to Visit Auburn
08/01/2002 Four Coffee County Juveniles Charged
07/30/2002 Sylacauga Resident Dies of Injuries
07/24/2002 Two Hueytown Residents Die in Fire
07/24/2002 Fayetteville High School Fire Arson
07/23/2002 Florence Resident Dies Following Fire
07/23/2002 Suspect Arrested for Burning House
07/22/2002 Notice of Regulation Hearings
07/17/2002 Notice of Auto Rate Hearing
07/10/2002 Alabama Department of Insurance Launches Outreach Program
07/10/2002 One Adult Killed in Fire
07/08/2002 Peoples Bank of Greensboro Burns
07/01/2002 Nothing Suspicious in Carbon Hill High School Fire
06/27/2002 Two Charged with Arson – One Firefighter
06/26/2002 Two Killed; Nine Injured in Fire
06/25/2002 National Medical Support Notice
06/20/2002 Notice of Regulation Hearing
06/14/2002 Second Subject Arrested in Autauga County
06/13/2002 Firefighter Charged with Arson Second Degree
06/10/2002 Notice of Automobile Rate Hearing
06/05/2002 Victim Dies Following Gas Grill Fire
05/14/2002 The Alabama Title Insurance Act
05/14/2002 Notice of Regulation Hearing
05/08/2002 Alabama Launches 2002 Memorial Day Click It or Ticket Campaign
05/02/2002 Cease & Desist Notice
04/26/2002 Updated Notice to all Foreign Insurance Companies licensed in the State of Alabama
04/12/2002 April 18 meeting to provide information on Health Insurance Coverage
04/02/2002 Consumers Warned Against Increase in Fraudulent Health Plans
04/02/2002 Preneed Funeral and Cemetery Act
03/07/2002 Three Members of Family Die in Fire
02/05/2002 Recently Enacted Laws
01/31/2002 Buying Life Insurance after Being Diagnosed with Cancer
01/31/2002 10 Things You Should Know about COBRA
01/11/2002 Alabama Residents Urged to Double-Check
01/10/2002 Assistant State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk Featured
01/05/2002 Heater Responsible for Fire Death
01/04/2002 Clarke County Resident Dies in Fire
01/04/2002 Time Running Out to File Holocaust Insurance Claims
01/03/2002 Updated Notice to all Foreign Insurance Companies licensed in the State of Alabama
01/02/2002 Louisville Adult Dies in Fire
01/02/2002 Child Dies in Fire
12/26/2001 Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures for Exclusions Related to Acts of Terrorism
12/21/2001 Commissioner Approves Producer Fees
12/17/2001 Coffee Springs Church Fire Accidental
12/17/2001 Arson Confirmed in Coosada Trucking Fire
12/11/2001 Subject Charged in Troy Blast
12/07/2001 Announcement of New Market Conduct Division
12/07/2001 Announcement of New Division of Insurance Fraud
12/04/2001 Updated Notice to all Foreign Insurance Companies Licensed in the State of Alabama
11/20/2001 Notice to all Foreign Insurance Companies licensed in the State of Alabama
11/16/2001 Notice of Workers Compensation Rate Hearings
11/16/2001 Frisco City Fire Arson
11/15/2001 Businesses Damaged by Fire
11/08/2001 Arrests Made in Alabama Village Fires
11/05/2001 One Horton Resident Dies in Fire
11/01/2001 Cause of Fire and Death Remain Under Investigation
10/29/2001 Two Daphne Residents Die in Fire
10/29/2001 Church Damaged by Fire
10/11/2001 Bulletin Urges Compliance With Executive Order
10/05/2001 Important Information For Southern Health Enrollees
10/05/2001 Reliance Insurance Company In Liquidation
09/14/2001 Fire / Death Investigation Continues
09/13/2001 Memo to all Domestic Insurance Companies and HMO's
09/10/2001 Important CARFRA News
07/25/2001 Notice of Regulation Hearing
07/12/2001 Second Juvenile Picked Up During Fire Investigations
07/03/2001 New Title Insurance Law
06/01/2001 Protecting Consumer Privacy
05/30/2001 Producer Licensing Legislation Update
05/29/2001 Elba Resident Dies in Fire
05/29/2001 Baldwin and Mobile County Fire Alert
05/11/2001 Notice of Regulation Hearing
05/08/2001 Two Suspects Arrested in Murder / Arsons
05/07/2001 CARFRA Limited Launch Officially Begins
05/01/2001 Murder and Two Fires Under Investigation
04/16/2001 Important SERFF News
04/13/2001 Church Fire Accidental
03/15/2001 Webb Resident Dies in Fire
02/22/2001 Notice of Regulation Hearing
02/17/2001 Four Northport Fire Deaths
02/12/2001 Important CARFRA News
02/09/2001 HIPAA Online
02/03/2001 Cullman Couple Die in Fire
01/31/2001 Brighton Resident Dies in Fire
01/30/2001 Attorney General Announces Theft Conviction
01/26/2001 Pine Hill Firefighter Dies Fighting Arson
01/26/2001 Notice of Regulation Hearing
01/23/2001 Florence Resident Dies in Fire
01/22/2001 Elderly Woman Dies in Fire
01/20/2001 Opp High School Fire Arson
01/14/2001 Standoff Investigation Continues
01/07/2001 Mobile Home Fire Fatal
01/07/2001 Brighton Middle School Fire Arson
01/07/2001 Roselin Missionary Baptist Church Building Destroyed by Fire
01/05/2001 Couple Dies in Fire
01/05/2001 Apartment Fire Accidental
01/04/2001 Alabama Insurance Department Earns Technology Award
01/02/2001 Tuscaloosa County Death under Investigation
01/02/2001 One Woman Killed in Fire
12/31/2000 Pennington Resident Dies in Fire
12/29/2000 Axis Fire Fatality
12/23/2000 Daleville Resident Dies From Burns
12/22/2000 Carter Brothers Fire Accidental
12/11/2000 Mother and Child Killed in Fire
12/09/2000 Centerville Fire Death Being Investigated
12/08/2000 NAIC Recognizes Alabama Insurance Department
12/08/2000 Dora Death Being Investigated
12/08/2000 Child Dies in Fire
12/04/2000 Jasper Resident Dies in Fire
12/02/2000 Franklin Resident Dies in Fire
12/01/2000 Russellville Woman Dies of Burns
11/23/2000 Child Killed in Mobile Home Fire
11/16/2000 Notice of Regulation Hearing
11/06/2000 Beach Pool to offer 'Wind and Hail Only' Policy
10/06/2000 Truckers Warned of Problem Insurance Program
09/25/2000 Monroe County Fire and Death Under Investigation
09/22/2000 Access to Alabama Agent Licensee Information
09/19/2000 First Baptist Church Fire is Arson
09/18/2000 Thomasville Resident Dies in Fire
09/18/2000 First Baptist Church Damaged by Fire
09/06/2000 Fire at Valley High School
09/05/2000 Notice of Regulation Hearings
08/29/2000 Fire at Betta View Hills Church of Christ Accidental
08/28/2000 Teenager Dies in Fire
08/10/2000 Arrests in House Fire
08/10/2000 Third Arrest in Autauga County
08/09/2000 Two Die; One Injured in House Fire
08/04/2000 Wonderful Counselor Apostolic Faith Church Fire Arson
08/01/2000 Curry Chapel CME Church Fire Accidental
07/21/2000 Notice of Regulation Hearings
06/30/2000 Agents Licensing Telephone Numbers
06/30/2000 Three Fire Fatalities and One Electrocution This Week
06/29/2000 Insurance Industry meets with Commissioner
06/23/2000 Fourth of July - Fireworks Safety
06/22/2000 Agent Licensing Update
06/21/2000 Acid Bombing Leads to Three Arrests
06/12/2000 State Farm Mutual to Return $39.6 Million
06/07/2000 Two Churches Burn
06/07/2000 Fire in Wetumpka - Arson
06/07/2000 Church Fires - Arson
05/31/2000 2000 Legislation
05/26/2000 NFPA 1 and 101 School August 14 - 18,2000
05/26/2000 Commissioner Announces Appointment
05/19/2000 Insurance Bulletin
05/10/2000 Notice of 1033 Hearing
04/25/2000 Cause of Fire Undetermined
04/22/2000 Center Point Fire Accidental
04/22/2000 Notice to Agents and Companies
04/20/2000 NFPA 1 and 101 School in August
04/18/2000 Notice of 1033 Hearings
04/11/2000 Lowndes County Resident Dies in Fire
04/11/2000 York Resident Killed in Fire
04/07/2000 Rogersville Man Dies in Fire
04/07/2000 Notice to Agents and Companies
04/04/2000 Two Perry County Residents Die in Fire
04/04/2000 Firefighter Charged With Setting Fires
04/03/2000 Volunteer Fireman Confesses to Setting Fires
04/01/2000 Notice to Agents and Companies
03/31/2000 Notice of 'Form A' Meeting
03/30/2000 Notice to Agents and Companies
03/23/2000 Two Killed, Two Injured in Fire
03/22/2000 Child Killed in Fire
03/17/2000 Notice to Agents and Companies
03/06/2000 Oak Hill Baptist Church Burns
03/06/2000 Sixteen Apartments Damaged by Fire
03/03/2000 School Fire Arson
02/27/2000 Center Point Apartment Fire Accidental
02/23/2000 Department of Insurance Joins European Regulators
02/10/2000 Assistant State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk Selected
02/08/2000 Clayton Resident Dies in Fire
01/24/2000 Mobile Home Fire Results in One Death
01/20/2000 Macon County Fire Death
01/19/2000 Salem Resident Dies Following Fire
01/12/2000 Notice of Regulation Hearing
01/10/2000 Fire Departments to Install Smoke Alarms
12/31/1999 Montgomery County Child Dies in Fire
12/31/1999 Y2K Emergency Telephone Number
12/29/1999 Brighton Apartment Damaged by Explosion
12/28/1999 Three Lamar County Residents Died in Fire
12/27/1999 Dale County Resident Dies in Fire
12/27/1999 Fire at Springville Elementary School
12/24/1999 Houston County Resident Killed in Fire
12/20/1999 Childersburg Resident Killed Fighting Fire
12/17/1999 Two Childersburg Residents Die from Fire
12/11/1999 Lee County Resident Dies in Fire
12/08/1999 Mayor's Car Destroyed by Fire
11/29/1999 Two Killed in Mobile Home Fire
11/29/1999 Holyland Fire Accidental
11/27/1999 Accidental Fire at Vinemont High School
11/26/1999 Macon County Resident Dies in Fire
11/24/1999 Tarrant Resident Murdered Before Fire
11/24/1999 Body Recovered from Burned Car
11/23/1999 Tarrant Fire Under Investigation
10/29/1999 Twins Die in Foley Fire
09/13/1999 Notice of Regulation Hearing
09/10/1999 Workers' Compensation Hearing
09/07/1999 Siloam Baptist Church Fire Accidental
09/06/1999 Luna Tech Explosion Accidental
07/28/1999 Arrest in Fairview School Fire
07/19/1999 Arrest in Mayor's House Fire
07/06/1999 Mobile Home Fire at Hanover Accidental
07/06/1999 Firefighter Dies in Hanover
07/05/1999 Gardendale Fire Kills Five
07/04/1999 Friendly Temple Church Fire Accidental
07/03/1999 Wilcox County Fire Death
05/23/1999 Chilton County Fire Deaths
05/21/1999 Alumni Hall Fire Was Arson
04/21/1999 Two Arrested in Carbon Hill Fire
04/15/1999 Fire Departments Install Smoke Alarms in Homes
04/13/1999 Jasper Business Fire
04/13/1999 Four Children Die in Mobile Home Fire
03/30/1999 Selma Fire Fatalities
03/29/1999 Two Die in Fire
03/22/1999 Fire Death on Cliff Landing Road
03/11/1999 School Bombing Arrest
03/03/1999 Fires at Selma Middle School
02/26/1999 First Degree Arson in Gulf Shores
02/24/1999 Indiana Residents Confess to Church Fires
02/24/1999 Jackson County Explosion Kills One
02/24/1999 House Fire Kills One
02/23/1999 Sylacauga Explosion Claims One