Prepare now for tropical weather

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While summer is winding down, hurricane season is reaching its peak. The height of the season runs from mid-August to October. In addition to high winds, tropical systems bring the possibility of storm surge and flooding.


Here are some tips to prepare your family and home for the threat of tropical weather. 


Clear your yard of any debris that could cause damage in high winds or floods, including items like patio furniture and trash cans. If possible, trim loose tree limbs or any limbs that hang close to your home.


Make sure you have a family evacuation and communication plan in place. If you need to evacuate, where will you go? If you have pets, think of places that will accept them. Identify several places, whether they be the home of a loved one or a hotel, so you have options.


Evaluate your flood insurance needs. It’s important to note that floods are not typically covered by your homeowner’s policy and require additional coverage. Visit for information on how to purchase flood insurance.


Keep a list of contact information for your insurance agent and be sure to include your policy number. Store this information, along with a home inventory, in a waterproof safe or safe deposit box. Keep a second copy stored online or at the home of a relative.


Gas up the car ahead of time, make sure your tires are properly inflated and don’t forget to update your emergency supply kit.


Emergency supply kits should include:

·         Water: One gallon a day for each person for at least three days

·         Food: Store a minimum of three days of non-perishable food for each person

·         Manual can opener and plastic plates, cups and utensils

·         Baby formula and supplies, if needed

·         A list of emergency contacts, including your local police and fire department, your utility company and your insurance agent

·         Any prescriptions and over-the-counter medications that may be needed, such as aspirin or stomach relief

·         Flashlight

·         Plenty of batteries

·         Weather radio

·         First aid kit

·         Personal hygiene items

·         Charged cell phones

Finally, always stay up to date on disaster readiness, resources and assistance from the Alabama Emergency Management Agency at