ALDOI Prepares for Hurricane Ida

Contact: Ragan Ingram


As Hurricane Ida prepares to make landfall, major property insurance companies are mobilizing in order to respond to any potential claims, Insurance Commissioner Jim Ridling said today.

“We’ve been in communication with the major insurers in the coastal market, and each has informed us that they have activated their response plans to deal with Ida,” Commissioner Ridling said. “Hopefully, this will not be a major event, but we must be ready nonetheless.”

The Alabama Department of Insurance has provided credentials to adjusters from major insurers to help facilitate the review of damaged property.

“If a storm provides significant damage, once we receive the ‘all clear’ from emergency managers, then adjusters will be able to enter affected areas to handle claims,” Commissioner Ridling said. “It is, of course, too early to determine what level of activity there will be following the storm, but we are in communication with the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, and other first responders.”