Town Creek Funeral Home Goes Into Receivership

Contact: Ragan Ingram, Assistant Commissioner


A circuit court judge in Lawrence County has placed Town Creek Funeral Home in receivership.
Two weeks after issuing a temporary order, Judge Phillip Reich made the injunction permanent and placed the possessions of the funeral home in the care of Denise Azar, the Alabama Department of Insurance's chief receiver.
The order follows an investigation by the Department into the funeral home's practices regarding pre-need policies. The Department refused to renew license of Town Creek because it was determined that funeral home owners James D. and Teresa Renae Nye had lied on their application. The Department alleges that the Nyes continued to sell pre-need policies without a license after the license was non-renewed.
Because no records were located at the funeral home, the Department has requested those who have purchased pre-need policies from the Nyes to make copies related to the policies such as contracts, canceled checks and send them to Ms. Azar at the Department headquarters in Montgomery.