Access to Alabama Agent Licensee Information



The Alabama Department of Insurance, Information Systems Division, has been aware of problems associated with inquiries to the department’s database for licensed insurance agents and has worked to correct that problem.

At the present time, access to this information is available and the information shown is believed to be correct and current.

To access this information –

  • Click on Alabama Licensees {Individuals and Business Entities} displayed on the Alabama Department of Insurance Home Page under Search for.

  • Enter the information requested to access this data.

    In the event errors are found during the search, please follow the instructions on the Search for Alabama Licensees page and mail or fax the correct information with supporting documentation to the Alabama Department of Insurance; Agents Licensing Division; P. O. Box 303351; Montgomery, AL 36130-3351 or FAX 334-240-3282. Corrections may not be made by telephone.