Notice to Agents and Companies

Contact: Brenda Rawson
334 241-4126



  1. Confirmation of Appointments - the 6,500 confirmations were mailed as scheduled.
  2. Renewal Licenses - 2,700 renewal licenses for prepaid legal agents have been printed and were scheduled for mailing by Tuesday April 4th. These were not mailed due to an equipment failure and a shortage of materials, however, they are scheduled for mailing no later than Friday April 23rd.
  3. Broker Renewal Licenses - these have been printed, however they have not been mailed due to an equipment failure and a shortage of materials. They are scheduled for mailing no later than Friday April 23rd.

NOTE: Please contact the Agents Licensing Division if you believe you should have received one of the documents listed above, but have not. You may send this request via fax (334) 240-3282 or regular mail if you are unable to get assistance by calling (334) 241-4126.


  1. Intent to Suspend Notices and Suspension Orders for agents and service representatives who have not renewed their licenses for September, October, November, December, January and February.
  2. Renewal Licenses for adjusters, motor club agents, and legal agents, as well as credit only agents.
  3. Supplemental and Corrected Renewal Rosters - to insurers.

NOTICE TO INSURERS: If you are awaiting a "corrected" or "supplemental" roster from the Department of Insurance, we will NOT cancel any of your non-renewed agents until at least 30 days after the rosters have been mailed.

NOTE: The Alabama Department of Insurance has installed new software that required us to issue a "new" license number to all individuals, corporations and partnerships. This license number will begin with "A" followed by 6 numerals. Example - A009999. We will still be able to identify licensees by the "old" license number, but due to this change, all future written documents generated by the Department will reflect the "new" alpha-numeric license number. Individuals who hold more than one type insurance license - a person who is licensed as an agent and a broker - will have the same "new" number for all license types.

NEW TELEPHONE HOURS FOR FRIDAYS ONLY: For the foreseeable future, the Agents Licensing Division will not accept incoming telephone calls between noon and 5:00 P.M. on Fridays. Please schedule your calls to this division between 8:00 A.M. Monday and noon Friday. Thank you for your cooperation!