When is an Architect required?

Contact: Jeff Thompson, Assistant SFM for Code Compliance



When is an Architect Required?

(a) All buildings 2,500 Square feet or larger that are erected, enlarged, or altered require the services of a registered architect, unless the building is a single family residence, farm building, or utility building.

(b) All buildings erected, enlarged, or altered that are intended for the assembly occupance of people, regardless of size require the services of a registered architect.

(c) All buildings erected, enlarged or altered that are intended for use as an education facility regardless of size require the services of a registered architect.

The Building Construction Industry should pay close attention to projects they undertake for construction. Construction of a project without the required architect is a violation of the law and could subject an owner to increased costs and could delay anticipated completion and occupancy of the structure.

Financial Institutions should be aware of the requirement imposed by the state architectural law.  Compliance with this law will provide the lending institution with assurance that the project is properly designed and will be a viable asset once the project is complete.

If stamped plans are not required, the applicant for a construction project should be able to provide information from a local or state agency that the services of an architect are not required for whatever reason.

Compliance with Title 34 chapter 2, Code of Alabama 1975, will improve buildings constructed in our state and provide a safe environment for all who enter our buildings to live, work, and play.

For further information, please contact your Alabama State Fire Marshal's Office.


Edward S Paulk, State Fire Marshal