Hurricane season is here. Prepare your emergency kit now

Contact: Jennifer Bowen
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Forecasters anticipate that this year’s hurricane season, which starts June 1, will be above average. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) wants to make sure everyone is prepared to evacuate if they are in the path of a hurricane. Here are some of the essential items that you should consider having in case of emergency evacuation:

Cash: If the power goes out, credit cards won’t work. Keep cash on hand for replenishing supplies. 

Medications: Pharmacies might be closed and hospitals could be overwhelmed. Keep a backup supply (at least several days' worth) of important medications like blood pressure medicine and insulin. 

A Battery-Powered Weather Radio: If electricity is out and cell towers are down, this is your only way to know what’s happening. 

A Gallon of Water for Every Family Member and Pet: Widespread power outages could make tap water unsafe to drink. 

Important Documents: Social Security cards, passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses and more could all be lost or destroyed in a flood. Keep copies of these documents in a waterproof container. Include a copy of your flood insurance policy so that you can quickly file a claim once the danger has passed. 

List of Shelters: In this time of social distancing, not all shelters are open. Be sure to make a list of shelters where you can retreat.  If you have a pet, make sure they are pet friendly. Not all shelters welcome pets. Call ahead of time to make sure your shelter accepts pets. 

A Change of Clothes: If you are away from your home for a few days, you will want to have a change of clothes. Since there is no COVID-19 vaccine available yet, don't forget to pack a mask and hand sanitizer.

To learn about additional items you should include in your go-bag, visit the NAIC’s Go-Bag Resource