Contact: Reyn Norman, General Counsel
(334) 241-4116


Noticeis hereby given that a hearing will be held at 10:30 a.m. Central Time, onThursday, November 10, 2016, in the offices of the Alabama Department ofInsurance, 201 Monroe Street, Fifth Floor Conference Room, RSA Tower,Montgomery, Alabama, as follows: 


Amendments to Section 2 of Insurance RegulationNo. 98 [Rule 482-1-098-.02], regarding the valuation of securities and otherinvested assets owned by an insurer.  Theamendments revise outdated references to the NAIC’s Securities ValuationOffice, the predecessor of the NAIC’s Capital Markets and Investment AnalysisOffice, and to the NAIC’s Financial Condition (EX4) Subcommittee, thepredecessor of the NAIC’s Financial Condition (E) Committee.  The amendments will become effective November20, 2016.  (1 page)


Amendment to Section 5 of Insurance RegulationNo. 110 [Rule 482-1-110-.05], regarding continuing education requirements.  The amendment corrects the term “per year” inparagraph (5), which should have been removed at the time of transition fromannual to biennial licenses.  Theamendment will become effective November 20, 2016.  (3 pages)


Amendments to Section 6 of Insurance RegulationNo. 122 [Rule 482-1-122-.06], regarding the requirement of an annual privacynotice to customers.  The amendment addsthe exception authorized in a recent amendment to GLBA regarding notice tocurrent customers under certain circumstances. The amendment will become effective November 20, 2016.  (4 pages)


Amendment to Section 1 of Insurance RegulationNo. 148 [Rule 482-1-148-.01], regarding Title Insurance Agents.  The amendment sets forth the manner in whichthe new attorney exemption will be handled. The amendment will become effective November 20, 2016.  (3 pages)


Adoption of new Insurance Regulation No. 161[Chapter 482-1-161] to formally determine the operative date of the ValuationManual in this state and to adopt the Valuation Manual as most recent revisedby the NAIC effective January 1, 2017. The new regulation will become effective January 1, 2017.  (4 pages)


Revisions to State Fire Marshal Regulation 101[Chapter 482-2-101] to adopt the 2015 edition of the National Fire Codes, theInternational Fire Code, and the International Building Code, withexceptions.  The revised regulation willbecome effective January 1, 2017.  (8pages)


Adoption of new State Fire Marshal Regulation109 [Chapter 482-2-109] to adopt the 2015 edition of the International Fuel GasCode, the International Mechanical Code, and the International ExistingBuildings Code, with exceptions.  The newregulation will become effective January 1, 2017.  (4 pages)


Anyperson wishing to submit testimony at said hearing is requested to submit saidtestimony in writing by November 7, 2016, to the Alabama Department ofInsurance, Attention:  Legal Division,Post Office Box 303351, Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3351.  Any writtensubmission of testimony prior to the hearing will not preclude anyone frommaking an oral or written presentation at the hearing. 


Acopy of the regulations may be obtained by writtenrequest to the Alabama Department of Insurance, Post Office Box 303351,Montgomery, Alabama  36130-3351.  The request must include payment of one dollar per page and aself-addressed, postage paid return envelope. An unofficial copy may also be obtained at no charge via electronicmail.  You may send an e-mail request