Contact: Steve Holmes
(334) 241-4166


The Alabama Department of Insurance: Insurance Fraud Unithas arrested 43 year old Elvie Gray of Hale County for the crime of InsuranceFraud.

On February 1, a Hale County Grand Jury indicted Gray afteran extensive investigation which was started last year.  The Alabama Insurance Fraud Unit gatheredevidence on Gray for multiple allegedly fraudulent insurance claims, at least88 of which were filed against one insurance company alone, for an amountexceeding $215,000. She was subsequently released on bond and no trial date hasbeen set at this time.

In all, a total of 22 insurance companies have been identifiedas potential targets of an alleged fraud ring operating in the Hale County areaand other subjects are being sought for questioning. 

If convicted of Insurance Fraud First degree, Gray couldface two to twenty years in jail, a fine of up to $30,000, restitution andinvestigative costs.

Steve Holmes, Public Information Officer for the Departmentof Insurance, says “more arrests are expected in this far reachinginvestigation and anyone having information which might be useful can report iton line at phoning toll free 1-800-654-0775.”