Hamilton Arson Arrest

Contact: Steve Holmes, PIO



FOR RELEASE: August 12, 2011



Alabama State Fire Marshals have arrested a forty seven year old Hamilton woman, identified as Anita Hager, in connection with an apartment fire at the Hamilton Housing Authority this past June. 

On June 3, 2011, the Hamilton Fire Department was dispatched to Apartment number 108 at 690 Bexar Avenue East in Hamilton in response to a fire in Hager’s upstairs bedroom.  All of the occupants of the adjoining apartments, including at least one small infant, were evacuated with no injuries.  Once the blaze was extinguished, Assistant Hamilton Fire Chief Tim Rye, and Deputy State Fire Marshal Jason Clifton conducted a scene examination and investigation for cause and origin of the fire and determined the fire to have been deliberately set.  Ms. Hager, registered tenant of the apartment, denied involvement, at first, blaming the fire instead on faulty wiring.  During a follow up interview, conducted by investigators from the Hamilton Fire Department and the Alabama State Fire Marshal’s Office on August 9, 2011, Hager confessed to setting clothing on fire in the upstairs bedroom closet on the morning of June third, then leaving the scene.  Hager had also been paid for an insurance claim related to the fire. 

Anita Hager was arrested Thursday and is  being held in the Marion County Jail, under bonds totalling $75,000 on charges of Arson, First Degree and Theft, First degree. 

Alabama Arson Hotline: 1800-654-0775