New Title Insurance Agent Law

Contact: Reyn Norman, General Counsel
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Any individual who is exempt from the title insurance agent examination pursuant to Section 27-25-4.3(c)(1) must first apply for a temporary title insurance agent license and then submit the Examination Exemption Form before March 31, 2013.  This form is accessible online by clicking here:


On the Examination Exemption Form, you must indicate the license number shown on your Temporary License.  This will probably not be the agent number assigned to you by your title underwriter, so please wait until you receive your temporary license to submit the Examination Exemption Form.


To apply for a Temporary Title Insurance Agent license, please click here:


For detailed information to apply for a title insurance agent license, please click here:


For additional information, please contact Michelle Driggers: or (334) 241-4198.