Appointment Continuation for 2003

Contact: Jimmy W. Gunn, Licensing Manager


Please take notice in accordance with Alabama Insurance Regulation, Chapter 482-1-109, a memorandum from Jimmy W. Gunn, Licensing Manager, was issued today to all insurers licensed in the State of Alabama, along with all automobile clubs or associations, all legal service insurance corporations, and all dental service corporations, reminding them of the process to be followed for the 2003 producer appointment, service representative appointment, and title insurance agent certificate of authority continuation.

Invoices will be mailed on or about January 2, 2003. The continuation fees for each licensee appointed with these companies as of January 1 are as follows:

  • Insurance Producers - $10
  • Service Representatives - $30
  • Title Insurance Agents - $50

Insurers should verify the licensees appointed with their company at and follow the instructions to terminate the appointment of any licensee no longer needed. It is recommended insurers do so prior to November 15, 2002, to ensure all termination requests are processed by this office prior to December 31. If there are any problems or questions with the producer list, please fax (334-240-3282) or email ( your questions or comments to the Producer Licensing Division. For assistance with the website and verifying appointments, please contact the technical support Help Desk at (334) 241-4113.

All insurance producer and service representative appointments and title insurance agent certificates of authority not terminated as of December 31 shall be deemed continued effective January 1. The invoice to be issued January 2 will be due upon receipt in the amount indicated. A roster of appointed licensees will NOT be sent with the invoice, as the list will be available from the web page. Insurers may choose to print the list for record-keeping purposes.

Failure to promptly remit payment of the invoice may result in administrative action by the Department against the insurer.