Beach Pool to offer 'Wind and Hail Only' Policy

Contact: Mike Bownes
(334) 241-4148


Acting Insurance Commissioner D. David Parsons today announced the Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association will begin offering a policy with windstorm and hail only coverage for property located anywhere South of the 31st parallel in Baldwin and Mobile counties. This association, commonly referred to as the "Beach Pool", will continue to provide the current fire and extended coverage policy for homes and some commercial property located in the beach areas of Baldwin and Mobile counties for those property owners unable to obtain this coverage through a standard insurer.

"We hope with this additional coverage option, insurance companies who are not currently offering homeowner and commercial coverage in this area will begin to write these policies excluding wind and hail coverage," said Commissioner Parsons. Many consumers in these areas have been unable to obtain a homeowner policy, settling instead for the lesser policy written on a named peril basis. These lesser policies do not allow for replacement cost, liability, or burglary and theft coverages, which are standard in a homeowners policy.

Questions concerning this new policy should be directed to the Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association, 315 East Laurel Avenue, Suite 216D, Foley, Alabama, 36535; Telephone: (334)943-4029.