Preneed Regulation Adopted

Contact: Ragan Ingram, Assistant Commissioner


Insurance Commissioner Walter Bell today announced his approval of Alabama Preneed Regulation No. 1, to be known as Chapter 482-3-001, Alabama Administrative Code. The new regulation becomes effective September 3, 2004. For existing preneed certificate holders, the new financial requirements set forth in Rule 482-3-001-.05 are effective January 1, 2005.

To view a “PDF” copy of the regulation, please click below:

Ala. Preneed Reg. No. 1, Chapter 482-3-001

Commissioner Bell expressed thanks to members of the Alabama Funeral Directors Association, the Alabama Funeral Director and Morticians Association, and the Alabama Cemetery Association for their support of the adoption of this regulation. “We will continue to work with the leaders of this industry to improve our preneed regulations,” said Commissioner Bell.

For more preneed information, please click here.