Notice of Regulation Hearing

Contact: John Davis
(334) 241-4109


A hearing will be held before the Alabama Commissioner of Insurance at the offices of the Alabama Department of Insurance, 201 Monroe Street, Suite 1700, Montgomery, Alabama, as follows:

On March 1, 2001, beginning at 10:00 AM:

  • Repeal of Regulation No. 16, which addresses fire, casualty and surety insurance – fictitious groups. (1 page)

  • Revision of Regulation No. 17, known as the free insurance in connection with sales of cemetery lots, automobiles, and other articles and services. The definition of insurance contained in this regulation has been repealed and replaced in the Insurance Code. The purpose of the revision is to replace this outdated definition with one contained in the Insurance Code. (2 pages.)

  • Repeal of Regulation No. 18, which concerns the admissibility of real estate assets. (1 page)

Any person wishing to submit testimony at said hearing is requested to submit said testimony in writing to the Alabama Department of Insurance, Attention: Legal Division, Post Office Box 303351, Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3351, at least one week in advance of the hearing. Any written submission of testimony prior to the hearing will not preclude anyone from making an oral or written presentation at the hearing.

A copy of the proposed regulation may be obtained by written request to the Alabama Department of Insurance, Post Office Box 303351, Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3351. The request must include payment of one dollar per page and a self-addressed, postage paid return envelope. An unofficial copy may also be obtained at no charge via electronic mail. You may send an e-mail request to

(This posting is a copy of the original news release that was posted January 26, 2001.)