Center Point Fire Accidental

Contact: John S. Robison, State Fire Marshal
(334) 241-4166


The cause of the fire in Center Point Thursday afternoon, which took the life of one firefighter, has been determined to be accidental. The fire was reported to the Center Point Fire District at 4:31 PM April 20th, with the first fire department units arriving at 4:33 and 4:37 PM.

Following an examination of the scene at 2212 First Place NW, as well as interviews with occupants of the house and firefighters, the fire was identified as electrical in origin. The fire originated in the ceiling of the basement bedroom, directly below the area where firefighter Rickey Davis fell through the floor.

The investigation of the fire and death was conducted by the State Fire Marshals Office, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and the Jefferson County Medical Examiner’s Office.