Senate passes pyrotechnic regulation bill

Contact: Ragan Ingram, Assistant Commissioner


The Alabama Senate sent to Gov. Bob Riley a bill that will regulate indoor pyrotechnic displays in hopes of preventing a disaster like the one at a night club in Rhode Island earlier this year.

The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Charles Newton of Greenville and Sen. Sundra Escott of Birmingham, passed the Senate 34-0 on Thursday after passing the House on Monday by a vote of 70-12. The legislation calls for the State Fire Marshal to regulate indoor pyrotechnic displays.

“I am grateful for the work of Rep. Newton and Sen. Escott on this issue,” said Insurance Commissioner Walter A. Bell, whose department houses the State Fire Marshal’s office. “They did a wonderful job in making sure this important legislation made it through the maze at the State House. We think it is a strong piece of legislation that will help prevent a tragedy.”

State Fire Marshal John Robison said deputies around the state will help in enforcement of the legislation.

“With this legislation, Alabama will enforce the national standard on indoor pyrotechnics,” Robison said. “We appreciate the support of the Legislature, and also the support of the pyrotechnic industry. The industry was cooperative in this endeavor because no one wants another tragedy like the one that occurred in Rhode Island.

“The people of Alabama can rest assured that the State Fire Marshal’s office will strictly enforce this legislation.”