Notice of Request for Proposals for Lockbox Banking Services

Contact: Reyn Norman, General Counsel


[Notice revised March 12, 2012]

The Alabama Department of Insurance (DOI) hereby gives notice of the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for qualified respondents to provide the DOI with professional Lockbox Banking Services.

A contract is contemplated to be awarded for the term July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2014.

Responses to the RFP must be received not later than April 6, 2012, at 3:00 PM CT. Each response should be made up of an original and three copies of three individual files, as follows: The RFP, the exhibits to the RFP, and a Disclosure Statement.

Additional information is set forth in the attached documents, each accessible in either Word or Adobe format, as indicated:

  • RFP for Professional Lockbox Banking Services: Word | Adobe

    All exhibits:

    • Exhibit A, Form Contract for Lockbox Services: Adobe
    • Exhibit B, Lockbox Questionnaire: Word | Adobe
    • Exhibit C-1, Lockbox 691 Processing Specifications: Adobe
    • Exhibit C-2, Lockbox 707 Processing Specifications: Adobe

    Please note: A copy of the RFP and Exhibit B (questionnaire) is included in Adobe format with all other files. The additional copy of the RFP and Exhibit B in Word format is included for ease of responding to the RFP and the questionnaire. Responses do not need to change any of the other documents but must include a copy with the proposal.

The Disclosure Statement can be accessed from the Attorney General’s web site at the following Web address:

For the procedures and forms for foreign corporations to qualify to do business in the State of Alabama, please visit the web page for the Alabama Secretary of State at

For additional information, please send an E-Mail request to


  • Question: Please provide the RFP and all attachments in Microsoft Word format.

    Answer: The RFP and the Questionnaire, both of which are expected to be modified in a response by providing the requested information, are available in Word format in the links provided above. The other documents are provided as PDF files as they are to be included for information purposes and will not be changed by the respondent.

  • Question: Please confirm whether it is a requirement for the PO Box and processing of the payments to be done within a specific city (Montgomery) or state (Alabama) or whether a PO Box and processing done elsewhere will be acceptable.

    Answer: While the RFP does not specifically require this, it is anticipated the lockbox address will be in the state of Alabama. The current contractor uses a PO Box address in Birmingham. There are three general qualifications set forth in paragraph 2.1.1., one of which is paragraph, which reads, “Must maintain a principal office in the state of Alabama.” Failure to satisfy all three of these qualifications will disqualify a proposal.

  • Question: Please provide 3 months’ analysis statements for the accounts included in the RFP. We appreciate the volume and specifications provided; however, we find the analysis (this is the billing statement banks provide on a monthly basis detailing the various services along with the fees), will provide us the additional information on services utilized, even if most of the items on the analysis statement are at no charge based on your current contract.

    Answer: We receive a monthly invoice that states the number of transactions for each box and the price per transaction. The RFP sets forth the volume for each Box and furnishing copies of these invoices will not provide any other details.

  • Question: Please confirm whether it is a requirement of the RFP to split the check amount on the output file if the check is paying the premium tax or fee for more than one company or entity.

    Answer: If one check is used to pay the premium tax or fees of more than one company or more than one type tax or fee, the check must be split among the companies and tax types and the appropriate data captured for each company and tax type.