ALDOI To Offer Grace Period to Insurance Producers

Contact: Ragan Ingram, Assistant Commissioner


The Alabama Department of Insurance is implementing plans to offer a grace period to certain insurance producers whose licenses and company appointments are set to expire, Commissioner Walter A. Bell said.


Producers, commonly known as insurance agents, who reside in Baldwin, Mobile and Washington counties are eligible as are producers from coastal Mississippi and southeastern Louisiana who hold non-resident licenses. Full details of the plan are forthcoming and will be posted on the Department's web site at


“We are working on a plan to make sure that these producers can continue their work in these critical areas without interruption,” Commissioner Bell said. “Our staff is pulling together a list of all the producers that are affected and attempting to make contact with the ones we can.


“We understand the disruption to the lines of communication and, more importantly, the disruption to the communities in these areas. As we are asking companies to show compassion to their policy-holders in affected areas, it is appropriate for us to extend the same to the producers who work hand in hand with Alabama families and businesses.”


Producers that have questions can call the Alabama Department of Insurance at 334-241-4197 or email the Producer Licensing Division at