Notice of Homeowners Rate Hearing

Contact: Fairley McDonald, Assistant Attorney General



A public hearing on proposed revisions of rates and rules for homeowners insurance as filed and requested by Fire Insurance Exchange and Mid-Century Insurance Company will be held at 10:00 a.m. Central Time on Thursday, July 10, 2008, before the Commissioner of Insurance or his designee in the offices of the Alabama Department of Insurance, RSA Tower Suite 1700, 201 Monroe Street, Montgomery, Alabama.


Any persons so desiring may submit a written statement in favor of or against the proposed revisions and, in addition, may make an oral statement at the hearing.


Failure of a representative of the Filing Companies to be present at the hearing may result in denial of the requested revisions.


The Filing Companies are advised that the hearing will be transcribed by court reporter and that the Companies are responsible for reimbursing the Department of Insurance for the reporter’s appearance fee and cost of preparing the transcript, including reproduction of exhibits.


Any attorney not admitted to practice in Alabama (i) must make a written request to the Commissioner to appear pro hac vice and (ii) must comply with Rule VII of the Rules Governing Admission to the Alabama Bar in order to appear as counsel in proceedings before the Alabama Department of Insurance. Further information is available under the “Programs/Depts” tab at the web-site of the Alabama State Bar –