Sen. Katie Britt highlights ALDOI's work to make Alabama more resilient

Contact: Jennifer Bowen
(334) 269-3550


Thank you to Senator Katie Britt for her comments highlighting the efforts the Alabama Department of Insurance is making toward building a more resilient state and future, including through the Strengthen Alabama Homes grant program, a part of the Alabama Department of Insurance.

“It is imperative we are forward-thinking in our disaster mitigation, disaster preparedness and resiliency efforts,” Senator Britt said. “The Alabama Department of Insurance in particular has been a champion in this space.”

Senator Britt is a member of the Senate Banking Committee. The remarks come as part of a hearing on reauthorizing the National Flood Insurance Program.

Since making its first grant in 2018, the Strengthen Alabama Homes program has issued more than $63 million in grants to Alabama residents, fortifying nearly 6,500 homes. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), Alabama is the most fortified state in the nation with 45,000 fortified homes. Approximately 55,000 homes are fortified to IBHS standards across the country.

You can watch Senator Britt’s remarks starting at the 1:16:30 mark at: