State Fire Marshal Strongly Urges Against Using Stoves, Ovens for Home Heat

Contact: Ragan Ingram


The State Fire Marshal warned Alabamians not to use their kitchen stoves as sources of heating their homes, calling it “gravely dangerous.”


“We should never use our kitchen stoves to heat our homes. It is gravely dangerous to do so,” State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk said. “It is an improper use of the appliance that could have deadly consequences.”


Paulk explains that stoves and ovens are constructed to provide a constant heat to cook food. When the door is opened to provide heating, the stove or oven never reaches the temperature it is set for.


Ultimately, it supplies more and more heat, which could lead to overheating and catching on fire. Or it cause combustibles near the oven door to catch fire.


“Then there is the likelihood that this occurs while people are asleep. We strongly urge all Alabamians to avoid using ovens and stoves as sources of home heat.”