Commissioner Bell to Lead Alabama Delegation

Contact: Ragan Ingram, Assistant Commissioner


Commissioner Walter A. Bell will lead a delegation of Alabama insurance regulators at a summit to be held Wednesday in Atlanta among insurance companies and the Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi insurance departments.

“This gives us the opportunity to sit down face to face and discuss important issues with the insurance companies as well as strive to react quickly and effectively to Katrina,” Commissioner Bell said. “Right now, so many of our citizens are displaced, and they need us more than ever. We will be in the position to represent their needs and concerns.”

Louisiana Commissioner J. Robert Wooley and Mississippi Commissioner George Dale will also attend the summit.

“Some of the questions that will be asked of the industry will be state-specific, but most will apply to all three states,” Commissioner Bell said. “We learned a lot from Ivan last year, and this meeting is an opportunity for each of our departments to advocate for consumers and outline our expectations in terms of industry response to this storm.”

Among the issues to be discussed include cancellations and non-renewals, claims handling, advance payments to consumers, health care coverage and adjuster issues.

“The insurance component of the aftermath of a hurricane is usually one of the last pieces to start,” Commissioner Bell said. “We are going to Atlanta to deliver the message that we don’t want things to move too slowly, and that each of our states intends to be aggressive advocates for our affected citizens.”