Alabama Department of Insurance Releases 2014 Data Required by the Property Insurance Clarity Act

Contact: Mark Fowler, Chief of Staff
(334) 241-4146


As required by the Property Insurance Clarity Act of 2012 (Act No.2012-373), the Alabama Department of Insurance (ALDOI) has released theaggregated 2014 insurance industry data filed by insurance companies writingproperty and casualty (homeowners) insurance in the State of Alabama.  Under the Clarity Act, insurers are requiredfile with the ALDOI personal property premiums, policy counts, and incurredlosses by zip code by year going back to 2007. In 2012, the ALDOI asked insurers to also voluntarily file data forgoing back to 2004.


Reports available on the Department’s websiteinclude the following:

  • List of companies that reported data.

  • List of companies not required to reportdata.

  • Aggregated data statewide by year.

  • Aggregated data by County by year.

  • Aggregated data by zip code within a Countyby year.


These data reports may be found on the ALDOIwebsite at  It is importantto note that this is unprocessed data that does not include the variousactuarial adjustments that are required for ratemaking purposes, as describedin the Department’s paper “Description of Homeowners Ratemaking ProcessPermitted by the Alabama Department of Insurance” that can be found on the Department’s Clarity Act webpage.


Questions concerning these reports should bedirected to Charles Angell, Deputy Commissioner & Actuary, by email at or by telephone at (334) 240-4422.