Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE) is required to maintain the eligibility to receive a renewal license unless exempt. CE can be done by classroom, self-study, online instruction, and/or seminar obtained from an approved provider. CE credits are given for successfully completing an approved course given by an approved provider.

Individuals licensed in the state of Alabama who are not exempt must satisfactorily complete courses as may be approved in accordance with regulation in the minimum number of 24 hours per biennial reporting period. Beginning January 1, 2013, excess credit hours earned in the previous biennial renewal period cannot be carried over to the next reporting period. Any excess is lost.

Credit will not be accepted for any approved course more than once in any reporting period. Individuals licensed for less than twelve months at the time of their first renewal are not required to complete the educational requirements, but must claim the CE exemption during renewal through NIPR.

Any person teaching an approved course of instruction or lecturing at an approved seminar or program shall qualify for the same number of hours as would be granted to a person taking and successfully completing such course and/or seminar.

Verify CE credits for accuracy before renewing license if you do not have certificates in hand.