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Strengthen Alabama Homes Division

Brian E. Powell, Director

In 2011, the Alabama State Legislature, through ACT 2011-643, established the Strengthen Alabama Homes Program designed to aid Alabama homeowners improve their homes with updated building modifications, also known as wind retrofitting, that minimizes property loss due to hurricane or other catastrophic windstorm events. The Alabama Department of Insurance offer grant programs, subject to availability of funding, to assist wind retrofitting homes for qualified homeowners. Thus creating the Mission of the Strengthen Alabama Homes Program to provide grants to homeowners in the most cost-effective manner for wind retrofitting their homes against damage in order to improve community resiliency to weather events.

Strengthening your home against wind damage may qualify you for homeowner insurance wind premium discounts. There are wind retrofitting standards established in Alabama that must be met to take advantage of these discounts.

For more information about the Strengthen Alabama Homes Program, please visit our website at: https://strengthenalabamahomes.com/

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