Managing General Agent Requirements

If you have any questions, please contact the Examination Division at (334) 241-4151.

An individual, firm or business entity appointed as an independent contractor by one or more insurers for the principal purpose of exercising general supervision over the business of the insurer in Alabama, with authority to appoint producers for such insurers and to terminate such appointments. The authority of a managing general agent shall not include countersignature privileges. A managing general agent shall otherwise qualify and be licensed as such as provided in the code, but shall not be required to take and pass an examination nor be a resident of Alabama. A managing general agent must be licensed for each insurer represented and for each class of insurance handled by the insurer in this state.

The license of a managing general agent shall state the name and address of licensee, the name of the insurer (company) to be so represented, date of issue and of expiration and the general conditions of the license. Licensees must have a separate appointment for each insurer. The total application fee is $405.00.

Companies informed by NIPR or their licensing counterpart of a three to eight week delay in setting up to process appointments online are allowed to download below the appointment form to process appointments for MGAs. Please note the entire license and appointment fee will be paid during the appointment process.

Companies who do not want to do the programming themselves can utilize one of the NIPR Authorized Business Partners to handle the programming. Contact any Authorized Business Partner directly to determine their pricing.

All managing general agent licenses shall continue in force until expired, suspended, revoked or otherwise terminated.

Payment of $75.00 annually on or before December 31, accompanied by a written request for continuation signed by the insurer, may renew a MGA's license.

  • Form AL-MGA-4, is made available to the appointing insurer via Managing General Agent Renewal Form - Form AL-MGA-4, for completion and the payment of renewal fees.
  • The form and fees must be received by December 31st for renewal to occur. If the MGA is not renewed by December 31st, the license and appointment expires and a new application must be filed for the MGA to be relicensed.
  • Form AL-MGA-3 must be completed and mailed to the Insurance Department in order to cancel the appointment of an MGA.
  • The form must be signed by company officials.

Click here to electronically remit appointment or renewal form, fees and any other applicable documents. Checks or money orders are no longer encouraged.