File A Consumer Complaint

Before you file a request for assistance with the Alabama Department of Insurance, you should first contact the insurance company or producer in an effort to resolve the issue(s). If you do not receive a satisfactory response, then fill in the Online Consumer Complaint Form.

When submitting a formal complaint to our office, please include the following items to allow us to accurately handle your concerns:

  • Your complete name, mailing address and phone number to contact you
  • The full name of the insurance company, agent, agency or broker involved
  • Your policy number
  • The claim number, if applicable
  • A detailed description of your concerns

We Can...

  • Submit your complaint to your insurance company or insurance agent, agency or broker. They are required to respond to the Alabama Department of Insurance.
  • Review the response to determine whether or not the insurance entity acting according to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy in question.
  • If we determine that the insurance company or insurance professional did not meet the legal obligations of the policy, we will require corrective action.
  • Help you understand your insurance policy.

We Cannot...

  • Provide assistance with your insurance complaint if you have an attorney
  • Provide assistance to medical providers
  • Provide legal advice or provide legal representation
  • Provide medical advice
  • Intervene on your behalf in a pending lawsuit
  • Determine who was negligent or at fault
  • Determine the value of a claim or the amount of money owed to you
  • Determine the facts surrounding the claim or determine who is being truthful when there are different versions of the accident or claim
  • Determine the facts regarding any other disagreement between you and another party
  • Help resolve complaints or investigate matters for plans or insurance agents, agencies, brokers or companies that are not subject to the insurance laws of the State of Alabama
    *Please note, if the insurance company is self-funded, your employer administers the program. You will need to contact your employer for assistance.

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