The development of Alabama’s domestic and foreign industry is a major focus of the department. We are always looking for new carriers to meet both the short-term and long-term insurance needs of Alabamians. Our department has a well-staffed and highly-skilled work force dedicated to fair regulation and enforcement. We are committed to eliminating unnecessary, duplicative and burdensome regulatory requirements that restrict market participation and ultimately lead to capacity issues for Alabamians. We have dedicated the resources necessary to make Alabama one of the more competitive domiciles in the country.

At the present time, Alabama has an immediate need for qualified companies interested in writing the following line(s) of business:

Homeowners (City of Mobile, Sea Coast, Gulf Front and Beach Zones)

There are approximately 22,000 policies currently being written by the Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association in the identified zones that are available to be written in the admitted market. There are additional policies in these zones being written in the surplus lines market that would be available to an admitted carrier.

Eligibility Requirements

Capital Requirements

Surplus Requirements