Certificate of Authority & Branch Registration Renewal


The renewal year runs from July 1st of the current year to June 30th of the following year. All renewal applications and fees must be submitted online through “ALDOI - Preneed Online” by July 1st of the renewal year or the Certificate Holder will be in default and subject to a fine of up to $50 per day. In accordance with ALA. CODE § 27-17A-11(h). ANY PRENEED SALES WITHOUT A VALID CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY OR PRENEED SALES AGENT REGISTRATION IS A VIOLATION OF ALA. CODE § 27-17A-22(a)(1) AND MAY SUBJECT THE VIOLATOR(S) TO CRIMINAL ACTION.

Beginning July 2nd, if a Certificate Holder has not successfully submitted an online renewal application, the $50 per day fine will automatically begin to accrue in ALDOI - Preneed Online. The fine must be paid online during the renewal application submission process. The online renewal application will not be available after August 31st. Renewal fines are currently capped at $3000 ($50/per day for 60 days). If a Certificate Holder’s online renewal, including payment of renewal fees and fines, has not been submitted before September 1st, then the Certificate of Authority will expire, resulting in the termination of any related Branch Registrations and Preneed Sales Agent Registrations. Preneed sales may not resume until a new Certificate of Authority application, new Branch Registrations, new Preneed Sales Agent Registrations, all supporting documentation/checklists, related fees and $3000 renewal fine have been submitted to the Department and approved.

The Department has provided each Certificate Holder with a unique user name and password. If a Preneed Certificate Holder has not received a user name and password, has lost the user name or password or is experiencing a problem with the user name and password, then an authorized representative of the Company should contact the Preneed Division.

***Financial Statements Requirement: The Certificate Holder will enter and submit the key financial numbers from its financial statements covering its fiscal year most recently ended. See the sample online renewal application: Renewal Application Sample. Certificate Holders will be required to submit formal and separate financial statements to the Department. They may be submitted via email, fax, mail or through the document upload on the website.

The key financial numbers should be calculated in the same manner as required in prior years. The only change is the format in which they are reported (electronically) and the form, which has eliminated all, but specific figures related to preneed and certain totals which will come from the certificate holders complete financial statements. Prior to submission, review the Renewal Application Instructions, which includes detailed step-by-step completion instructions for the online Preneed Certificate of Authority renewal application.

ALDOI - Preneed Online - Click to be redirected to the log-in page for "ALDOI-Preneed Online", the Preneed Division's renewal and reporting site.