Property Insurance Clarity Act

The Property Insurance Clarity Act requires insurance carriers, authorized to transact business in the State of Alabama, to annually report their homeowners inforce policy counts, direct earned premiums, and direct incurred losses to the Alabama Department of Insurance.  Homeowner insurance policies reported accordng to the Clarity Act include condominiums, dwelling fire, renters/tenant, and mobile home/manufactured housing property.

Data is reported to the department by zip code.

On rare occassion, some carriers lack the ability to provide data by zip codes and therefore only submit data by county.  This data will be displayed as zip code 99999 and is included in the county totals. For 2003-2011, some carriers reported Direct Incurred losses separately by peril (which was not required by statute) while others only reported total losses.  Therefore, the total losses displayed exceed the sum of the losses by peril.

Below, you may create a specific report of Clarity Act data organized by zip code, county, or statewide by year:

To create a report by zip code (Report data based on zip(s) selected by the user), Select "Report by Zip", choose county zip code is located, select desired zip code(s) for report, and click "Display Report".  For a report listing all zip codes, select "All Zip Codes" and click "Display Report".

To create a report by county (Report based on county selected by the user), Select "Report by County" and click "Display Report".

To create a statewide report by year (Report based on all data imported throughout the State of Alabama based on year),  Select "Statewide Report by Year" and click "Display Report".


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