The Emergency Adjuster Registration System


The Emergency Adjuster Registration System may be used to register an emergency adjuster who will be employed by an insurer or adjusting firm contracted by an insurer during a state catastrophe.
Licensed Independent Adjusters and Staff Adjusters (salaried employee of an Insurance Company) will NOT be made to register.
The registering of emergency adjusters is required by the Department for issuance of Disaster Emergency Adjuster Passes and Disaster Emergency Adjuster Access Passes.  The Emergency Adjuster Passes allow you into all areas affected by the catastrophe whereas Emergency Access Passes allow you into those areas of the catastrophe that are restricted by law.
Upon registering, you will need to request the number of passes you wish to receive and provide contact information on the individual who will be responsible for overseeing the distribution of the passes including a valid address. Passes are good for only 90 days from date of request.  There will be a non-refundable $50 per pass registration fee and in addition to a $2 per pass transaction fee.
If you would like for passes to be shipped to you overnight, you must provide a shipping address along with your carriers account information. 24 hours will be needed to process all requests.  Once passes are received and handed out, the responsible contact person must report back to the Department with the name, SSN, pass type, and pass number assigned to each adjuster to complete the registration. This should be done using the Excel Spread Sheet, where data is to be exported directly to the Alabama Department of Insurance. Failure to do so may cause a monetary penalty to be imposed on the insurer and contracted adjusting firm.
To report adjuster information, click here.
**Out of the total number of emergency adjuster passes requested, the Department will determine a percentage of access passes that will allow emergency adjusters into areas restricted by law. These passes will differ in color from regular emergency passes.
**If the adjuster currently holds an Alabama Resident or Non-Resident Adjuster's License, it is not necessary to complete this form.
Complete form by answering ALL questions. You will receive a confirmation page confirming that registration was successfully submitted. Please print and keep confirmation page for your records.  Request will not be received by the Department until payment is made.

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The department will mail passes overnight at the company's expense or mail passes first-class at the Department's expense, or they may be picked up at our office from the address below.
RSA Tower
201 Monroe Street, Suite 1760
Montgomery, AL 36104
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If your company is not listed, please send an email to Producer.Licensing@insurance.alabama.gov to have it added.