Citizenship Documentation for Reinstatements or Adding a Line of Authority


In accordance with the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, the Alabama DOI is required to verify the citizenship of ALL APPLICANTS/LICENSEES.  All individuals must submit documentation of their U.S. citizenship prior to reissuing/or adding a line of authority to their license.  Below is a list of acceptable documentation (which includes a copy of your driver’s license, FRONT and BACK in ONE FILE ONLY), any ONE of which can be used as proof.  


The following states whose driver’s license DOES NOT qualify as a document to be used as Proof of Citizenship per the Beason-Hammon law are:


  • California,

  • Colorado (Unless it is a Star Driver’s License based on Real ID Act),

  • Connecticut (Unless it is the new Verified Driver’s License),

  • Delaware (Unless it is a iDelaware Card, with a Star in upper right corner),

  • Hawaii,

  • Illinois (Unless it is a Real ID Driver’s License issued after July 1, 2016),

  • Maryland (Unless it is a Real ID Driver’s License issued after June 20, 2016 with a star in upper right corner),

  • New Mexico,

  • Nevada (Unless it is a Real ID Driver’s License),

  • Utah,

  • Vermont (Unless it is Real ID Driver’s license issued in 2014 or later and has the Gold Star in upper right corner),

  • Washington (Unless it is an Enhanced Driver’s License or a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) issued after September 1, 2015),

  • and District of Columbia (Unless it is a Real ID Driver's License issued after May 1, 2014 with a star in upper right corner).


All transaction requiring citizenship verification will be deferred for state review.  Documentation must be received before the license will be renewed or issued.  If the documention is not received within 10 days after submission, the application will be declined.  Please note: Fees paid are non-refundable.

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