Code of Alabama 1975

Table of Contents

Section 10A-20-6.01 Applicability of article.

Section 10A-20-6.02 Incorporation.

Section 10A-20-6.03 Health care facilities which may participate.

Section 10A-20-6.04 Board of directors.

Section 10A-20-6.05 Bylaws.

Section 10A-20-6.06 Altering, amending or changing charter.

Section 10A-20-6.07 Certificates of authority; contracts with public.

Section 10A-20-6.08 License, privilege or other taxes by municipalities or counties prohibited.

Section 10A-20-6.09 Selection of health care facility by certificate holders.

Section 10A-20-6.10 Regulation of rates, charges, fees and dues.

Section 10A-20-6.11 Examination power of Commissioner of Insurance.

Section 10A-20-6.12 Certificates for agents; filing of health service certificates.

Section 10A-20-6.13 Deposit of securities with State Treasurer.

Section 10A-20-6.14 Filing of annual statements.

Section 10A-20-6.15 Review of decisions, etc., by Commissioner of Insurance.

Section 10A-20-6.16 Applicability of insurance laws.