Code of Alabama 1975

Table of Contents

Section 22-21-360 Short title.

Section 22-21-361 Definitions.

Section 22-21-362 Incorporation of dental service plan corporation; management by board of directors.

Section 22-21-363 Application for certificate of authority; contents.

Section 22-21-364 Issuance of certificate; criteria.

Section 22-21-365 Consent of commissioner to charter or certificate of incorporation.

Section 22-21-366 Subscriber rates subject to approval of department; provisions in contract between corporation and dentist.

Section 22-21-367 License prerequisite to contracts with subscribers.

Section 22-21-368 Contents of proposed contracts issued to subscribers.

Section 22-21-369 Contents of proposed contracts between corporation and dentists.

Section 22-21-370 Posting of securities or surety bond; custody of securities; exemption from taxation; release of securities or bond; modification orders; hearing; effect of failure to comply.

Section 22-21-371 Individual, group, blanket or franchise contracts authorized; certificates of coverage; filing and approval of contracts and certificates; requirements; grounds for disapproval.

Section 22-21-372 Filing and approval of subscription rates; criteria; submission of relevant information.

Section 22-21-373 Filing and approval of contracts with dentists and other providers of services and amendments thereto; reports to commissioner.

Section 22-21-374 Fees and taxes; applicable insurance laws.

Section 22-21-375 Issuance of license; revocation; procedures for review and mediation of complaints.

Section 22-21-376 Relation to certain insurance provisions.

Section 22-21-377 Repealed.

Section 22-21-378 Repealed.

Section 22-21-379 Repealed.

Section 22-21-380 Repealed.

Section 22-21-381 Repealed.

Section 22-21-382 Contracting sales representatives - Administrative penalty in lieu of discretionary suspension, revocation, etc.

Section 22-21-383 Deposit of moneys received by department pursuant to article.

Section 22-21-384 Practice of dentistry and board of dental examiners not regulated or limited by article.

Section 22-21-385 Amendments and changes in charter, certificate of incorporation, bylaws, contracts and rates subject to department approval; filing of copy of amendments or changes.

Section 22-21-386 Examination and investigation of corporations by department; power to summon and examine witnesses; payment of expenses.

Section 22-21-387 Use of phrase "dental service plan."

Section 22-21-388 Dissolution or liquidation of corporation.

Section 22-21-389 Nonprofit corporations organized prior to May 4, 1982.

Section 22-21-390 Violations; penalties; injunctive relief.

Section 22-21-391 Promulgation of rules and regulations.