Life/Annuity Policy Search

Confidential Personal Information

The Alabama Department of Insurance can help Alabama residents and their families locate and identify individual/group life insurance or annuity policies on the life of a deceased party who may have had a policy (life or annuity contract) issued through an Alabama licensed insurance company.


An executor, representative, or beneficiary of

  • A deceased resident of Alabama, or former resident of Alabama who may have lived in Alabama when a policy was issued or an annuity was purchased through an Alabama licensed insurance company


Complete the following requested information before submitting. Please note that some fields are not required to do a policy search, however , complete data greatly increases the chance that a lost policy may be located. Many insurance companies locate policies/contracts by social security number, deeming the deceased's social security number as critical for an accurate search.

UPON RECEIPT OF THE REQUEST form, the Department of Insurance will:

  • Forward your completed forms to all Alabama licensed life insurance companies at the beginning of each month following your submission.

  • Ask that the companies search their records to determine whether they have any Alabama individual/group life insurance policies naming the deceased or Alabama individual/group annuity contracts in the name of the deceased.

  • Ask that any company that identifies a policy respond directly to a beneficiary if they have any individual/group life policies or annuity contracts naming deceased. Contact will not be made to anyone who is not a beneficiary or legally authorized to receive information regarding the policy/contract.

For assistance email the Consumer Services Division or call (334)269-3550


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